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Airport City: Free to Fly

🌕Did you know?☀️ ✈️➡️ Pilots, today is a special day for our planet, it’s the Vernal Equinox! This means that the days will start getting longer for people in the northern hemisphere, and autumn will arrive in the southern hemisphere. Which part of the globe are you from? Let’s find out who is going to enjoy fall, and who’s in for some spring!

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Airport City: Free to Fly

☘️Destination: Cork☘️ ✈️➡️ Pilots, the third city in our adventure is Cork. It’s the second largest city in Ireland, founded in the 6th century. Several miles away stands the famous Blarney Castle, whose walls hold the Blarney Stone. Legend has it, that anyone who kisses the stone receives the gift of gab, becoming extremely skilled in flattery and eloquence. Is it true? See for yourselves if you’ve reached level 10, and have a Delta plane in your fleet.

Likes: 174 Shares: 17 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

☘️Destination: Limerick☘️ ✈️➡️ Pilots, have you already mastered one of the flights in our newest adventure? If not, you’d better hurry! BTW, one of the cities you can fly to is Limerick. It’s over 1000 years old, but offers much more than just history; the beautiful streets and unique architecture of this place make it truly stand out. It’s also where the name for humorous five-line verses came, which are called limericks to this day. The destination is available to pilots who have reached level 13 and have a jet plane.

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Airport City: Free to Fly

☘️Destination: Dublin☘️ ✈️➡️ Pilots, one of the cities that you dispatch flights to in the current adventure is Dublin. Did you know that this city is not only renowned for its amazing architecture, but also for being the “greenest” city in Europe? That’s right! It has no hi-rise skyscrapers, and true nature lovers can enjoy picturesque walks in countless beautiful parks. You can send passengers to Dublin once you reach level 7 and have a turboprop plane in your hangar.

Likes: 187 Shares: 16 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

☀️ Limited offer! ☀️ ✈️➡️ Make your Airport City stand out with cool unique buildings—get the Mystery Building 2 chest! You can get your hands on it by making certain purchases at the bank. Give the city a signature skyline with new commercial and residential buildings!

Likes: 151 Shares: 8 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

🌺Do You Like To Travel?🌺 ✈️➡️ Pilots, you constantly send planes to various corners of the planet. But when was the last time you yourself traveled as a passenger? Where did you go? Maybe, some of you are packing suitcases right now to be on the other side of the world soon? We can't wait to read your stories!

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Airport City: Free to Fly

🌺Where does the rainbow start?🌺 ✈️➡️ Pilots, the week has just begun. Along with it small dwarf-looking creatures began to roam the city. They’re leprechauns! Rumor has it they hide their pots of gold at the end of the rainbow, but no one has found it. Go visit your neighbors and friends now, because leprechauns are notorious pranksters. Who knows what they are up to!

Likes: 236 Shares: 17 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

🌺Together we're unbeatable!🌺 ✈️➡️ Pilots, it's good to be independent. However, cooperation with friends for mutual benefit doesn't sound so bad, right? Have you already joined the alliance, or maybe even created your own? What's it called?

Likes: 229 Shares: 21 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

🌺 When will the spring come? 🌺 ✈️➡️ Pilots, the first two months of the year have passed so quickly. And even if outside your window the cold and snowy winter is still in full swing, you can't help but think about warmer weather because, after all, it's March. So while we are waiting for spring to finally come and warm us all up, guess what the next adventure in Airport City will be!

Likes: 215 Shares: 15 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

⏰Planning is essential!⏰ ✈️➡️ Pilots, any kind of activity needs the perfect situation, free from distraction. In your opinion, what is the best time to send out planes? Is it in the morning before work? During lunch break? Maybe in the evening, when you kick back and unwind after a long day? Tell us in comments!

Likes: 271 Shares: 13 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

UPD:The servers are back up! Hurry! To the skies! ⚠️ Technical Maintenance ⚠️ Pilots, we’ve started maintenance on our servers. The game's social features will not be available on mobile devices for some time. Thank you for understanding—we’ll let you know as soon as Airport City goes online again.

Likes: 223 Shares: 14 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

Important announcement for all pilots playing on mobile devices! Tomorrow morning (around 12:00 GMT) we will start maintenance ⚠️ on our servers. The game's social features won’t be available on mobile for some time. Thank you for your understanding.

Likes: 207 Shares: 22 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

🌺The adventure is coming to an end!🌺 ➡️💌 Pilots, very soon the Walk in the Clouds event will end, and that means now’s your last chance to get the amazing Crystal Manor! Get in-game, time is sparse!

Likes: 178 Shares: 17 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

🌟The beauty’s in the details!🌟 🛫➡️ That is even truer when we’re talking about the details of a brand-new helicopter that you can inspect from every angle. Check out this beautiful machine in 3D! Don’t you just want one for yourself?

Likes: 108 Shares: 8 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

🌟 Destination: Busan 🌟 🛫➡️ Pilots, today we want to talk about another major city that is featured in the game. Busan is the second biggest city in South Korea, and also the country’s biggest port. On one hand, Busan is one of the most modern and high-tech cities in Asia, with its numerous skyscrapers and the largest supermarket in the world. On the other hand, it’s full of culture and hosts one of the biggest film festivals every year. Some even call Busan the summer capital of Korea, because it attracts loads of tourists during the high season with its landmarks and beaches.

Likes: 370 Shares: 22 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

🌺Spring is coming!🌺 🛫 ➡️ Pilots, the Walk in the Clouds event is in full swing! There’s a romantic atmosphere all around the city, and everyone’s waiting for spring. That’s right, despite all the snow and cold, spring is just around the corner, and some pilots are decorating the city by building a Flower Airliner. You can follow suit—this unusual flowerbed will bring collection items and help you complete the Walk in the Clouds event!

Likes: 186 Shares: 19 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

🎊 It’s Valentine’s Day! 🎊 🛫 ➡️ Pilots, the romantic atmosphere is so strong that you can almost feel the love in the air. Don’t ever stop being tender, caring, and gentle, and keep doing what you love! That’s the only way to make the world a better place.

Likes: 180 Shares: 17 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

🎊 Love is in the air in Airport City! 🎊 🛫 ➡️ The favorite holiday for all the romantics is drawing near; it’s time to get to work, Pilots! Assemble the Little Tragedies, What Women Want, and Riding the Carriage collections, send couples to lovers’ destinations like Podgorica, Atlantic City, the Bahamas, Porto, Linz, Karlovy Vary, Salt Lake City, the Seychelles, Toscana, and Barbados, and get the amazing 💎Crystal Manor💎 as a reward. This building will give you 36 passengers every 8 hours, increase your population cap by 20, and increase passenger production in nearby buildings by 5%.

Likes: 151 Shares: 14 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

Pilots, very soon a special event dedicated to love and romance will kick off in Airport City!🛫 ➡️ Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?

Likes: 247 Shares: 14 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

🚀Rocket Dreams🔭 🛫 ➡️ Professor Klandau didn’t sleep a wink yesterday, he was too busy watching the livestream of a rocket launch. He truly loves everything that involves space travel and conquering new frontiers. He dreams of one day launching his own ambitious project. Maybe, professor’s research will in time allow Michael to reach some distant star, and do so in style! We wish him the best of luck! Hard work and determination can lead to amazing achievements!

Likes: 198 Shares: 14 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

🎊 Frames for pilots! 🎊 🛫 ➡️ Do you want your Facebook account to stand out? We’ve got the perfect solution for you: add an Airport City frame to your profile picture! It’s very easy—simply go to your profile picture➡️ Add frame ➡️ Search for ‘Airport city’ and pick a frame you like! Done!

Likes: 376 Shares: 26 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

💬Monday Chat🗨️ 🛫 ➡️ It’s hard to keep travel off your mind when playing Airport City. The game has so many amazing and exciting destinations, that you eventually start planning your next trip. What winter destinations do you prefer? What’s better—skiing in the mountains or leaving winter behind to kick back on a pearly white beach?

Likes: 210 Shares: 15 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

🎊Achieve More With Friends!🎊 🛫 ➡️ Friendship is a force to be reckoned with everywhere, and in #AirportCity it is no exception. Having lots of neighbors will help you in many situations, from taking part in special events, to launching flights into space. Assist your friends, get a helping hand from them, and prosper together! Don't be shy to tell the world about your Airport City. You're sure to find some new friends in the comments!

Likes: 261 Shares: 19 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

❄️ Landing in Antarctica ❄️ 🛫 ➡️ What’s so special about runways in Antarctica? Well, you won’t find any paved ones—they’re all made of ice. However, during summer even the polar ice can thaw a little, and to prevent planes from skidding, the runways receive a thick layer of snow. That way, the landing gears have more traction on the runway. That said, there is currently a project to make a gravel runway in one of the unique ice-free parts of Antarctica.

Likes: 309 Shares: 14 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

🎊 A Square Deal! 🎊 🛫 ➡️ Increase your population cap, and the number of passengers in your residential buildings with a free City Square! Available from select purchases at the bank—it’s totally worth it! Collect all five squares!

Likes: 226 Shares: 14 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

💥The Last Days of the Festival💥 🛫 ➡️ Pilots, the Rock Festival event will end soon. Don’t miss your last chance to get that awesome prize—get back in the game!

Likes: 218 Shares: 12 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

❄️ Way up North! ❄️ 🛫 ➡️ Pilots, do you know the northernmost airport in the world is? We’ll tell you! In Norway, Svalbard Airport services the well-known Spitsbergen archipelago. It is located near the town of Longyear, the world’s northernmost settlement, with over 1000 residents, and home of the Global Seed Vault, which holds seeds of all the earth’s most important plants. These may come in handy if humanity ever encounters a global catastrophe. The airport is not that epic though, with a passenger flow of only about 150 thousand a year, and flight connections to just Oslo, Tromsø, Ny-Ålesund and Svea.

Likes: 519 Shares: 28 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

Time To Rock Guide

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Airport City: Free to Fly

💥Time to Rock!💥 🛫 ➡️ Pilots, your city has been chosen to host a rock festival! Send your planes to London, Dubai, Delhi, Berlin, and Bali, receive guest planes, and collect Biker Jackets from Music Arenas and Festival Campgrounds. Complete the adventure in time, and you’ll get an awesome, neon-lit Rock Diner that generates 90 coins every 4 hours, and your population cap by 20. Let’s get this party started!

Likes: 449 Shares: 22 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

Have you ever seen strange bright clouds appear behind airplanes? Let’s find out what they are! 🛫 ➡️ This peculiar effect is known as the Prandtl–Glauert singularity. Basically, it's just moisture in the atmosphere condensing behind objects traveling at transonic speeds.

Likes: 267 Shares: 15 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

🎊 The long-expected Friday 🎊 🛫➡️ Pilots, the weekend is almost here. We hope you managed to survive the working week successfully and can still manage several flights. We’ve prepared a really good bonus to cheer you up, so follow the link and get it right away! 📲 *snowglobe*

Likes: 324 Shares: 90 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

🌆 How does your airport look? 🌆 🛫 ➡️ Pilots, we all know that good functionality is important, but not more than infrastructure. That is especially true for airports: it’s not enough to have a huge fleet of airplanes reaching the farthest corners of the world, you also need your passengers and staff to feel comfortable and safe! We hope you’ve taken all this into account when constructing your airport. How does it look right now? Do you have lots of hangars and runways? Just take a screenshot and send it around to show off your airport!

Likes: 348 Shares: 24 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

🔮Do you like rare items? 🔮 🛫➡️ If so, then hurry to the game —Duke Croocker’s airship has just appeared in the skies above Airport City! This adventurer and engineer offers the best items at the most attractive prices. Reach level 9, build an Airship Dock, and you’ll be able to trade with this merchant two times a week: on Mondays and Thursdays. Seize the day!

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Airport City: Free to Fly

🌟 SALE! 🌟 🛫➡️ Pilots, log in and check out the great sale happening in Airport City. Don’t miss this chance to get additional currency on purchases at the bank!

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Airport City: Free to Fly

🌆 Destination: Dubai 🌆 🛫➡️ Pilots, the people of Airport City have recently visited Dubai, and here’s what our flight attendants found out about the city. ⭐ The world's highest skyscraper, named Burj Khalifa, is located here. It’s over 2700 feet high and has 163 stories. It should come as no surprise that the highest sky deck is also in this building—you can find it on the 148th floor, at an altitude of 1820 feet. ⭐ This city has two artificial island archipelagos, named Palm and World. ⭐ Dubai International is the second biggest airport in the world, and has been the busiest airport for several years, servicing a record number of passengers.

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Airport City: Free to Fly

❄️Don’t Miss Your Chance!❄️ ⛄➡️ Pilots, the Santa’s Bad Day holiday event is almost over! Get in-game—you can still earn the unique Santa’s Workshop reward!

Likes: 195 Shares: 15 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

🚁Helicopters 101📢 🛫➡️ Hey there, Pilots! How are things going in your Airport City? Have you had a chance to get familiar with helicopters? How often do you send tourists on unforgettable adventures? We’re sure you’re doing fine! However, if you have some questions, or just haven’t started Victoria Lee’s quests, here’s a detailed FAQ that has all the essential info on the new choppers!

Likes: 144 Shares: 4 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

Pilots, we’re happy to remind you that it’s Friday. Time to kick back, forget the daily routine, and claim your traditional end-of-the-week bonus! 🛫➡️ BTW, what do you plan to do this winter weekend? 📲 *bambam2018*

Likes: 278 Shares: 46 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

🏙️Destination: Vladivostok🏙️ 🛩➡️ Pilots, we continue to explore the cities that you dispatch flights to in the game. Today, we travel to Vladivostok! As usual, we’ve asked Salma to prepare a report about this place, and here’s what she found: ❄️ The Russky Island Bridge, which is one of the main landmarks in the city, is the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world. ❄️ The highest point is Mount Kholodilnik, which translates from Russian as Mount Refrigerator. ❄️ The city’s coat of arms is a tiger. Every year the people celebrate a holiday to draw public attention to preserving the population of endangered Siberian tigers. Have you ever been to Vladivostok? Or, do you know some interesting facts about this city?

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Airport City: Free to Fly

🌟Happy New Year, Pilots!🌟 🎉➡️ We wish you happiness, joy, success and, of course, countless new journeys and experiences! May luck be with you all through 2018! 📲 *happy2018*

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Airport City: Free to Fly

🌟SALE in Airport City!🌟 🛫➡️ Pilots, something strange is happening—Airport Cash is flying all over the city! This means you’ll now get more currency when making purchases at the bank. Don’t miss your chance!

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Airport City: Free to Fly

🌟 TGIF! 🌟 🛫➡️ Pilots, we’ve checked the calendar, and it's Friday already! That means it’s time for bonuses! Follow the link to get your present! 📲 *snowyfriday*

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Airport City: Free to Fly

🎊 New Year celebrations on Bali 🎊 ⛄➡️ Pilots, for most of us, New Year celebrations are all about fireworks, parties and fun. However, not everyone in the world celebrates in this manner, or even has such a holiday. For instance, the people in Bali celebrate Nyepi (Day of Silence) on the day after the spring equinox. During this day, no one on the island is allowed to leave their homes, listen to loud music, or turn the lights on. This applies to tourists, as well as locals. Even the airport is closed for the day! However, the day before features a colorful Ngrupuk parade with costumes, music and special Ogoh-ogoh statues, which symbolize evil spirits and demons. At the end of the parade, all the monster statues are burned—this is done to get rid of evil. The first day after Nyepi is always a national holiday, and the Balinese usually spend it with their families.

Likes: 197 Shares: 18 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

🚁Just take a look at these beauties!💫 Amazing new vehicles are ready to take your tourists to the most secluded places in the world. Experience the thrill of helicopter rides in Airport City! ➡

Likes: 215 Shares: 26 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

🌟Merry Christmas!🌟 🎁➡️ Pilots, may your home be ever filled with kindness, light, and warm smiles. May you and all your loved ones be joyful and happy, and may fortune smile upon all of you! We decided to make a small but beautiful video for you to help celebrate the holiday! 📲 *happyxmas17*

Likes: 299 Shares: 65 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

🔥The SALE goes on!🔥 ⛄➡️ Pilots, please note that the current sale offers Mystery Super Building 3 chests. Inside them you’ll find unique buildings that are not featured in the store and can’t be obtained through quests, like the Ski Resort. Tell us in the comments what you got during this huge sale!

Likes: 132 Shares: 10 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

🌟The sweetest deals of the year🌟 ⛄➡️ Pilots, this holiday sale is in full swing! Care to get your hands on something truly unique, like the Planetarium? These items can’t be bought at the store or received as a quest reward, but we’ve got you covered. Purchase Mystery Super Building 2 chests, look inside, and marvel at the rare buildings they contain, which are impossible to get otherwise. Important note: chest contents may differ in the mobile and Facebook versions of the game.

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Airport City: Free to Fly

🎅Merry Christmas, dear Pilots!🎅 ⛄➡️ We’re happy to show you our holiday video, which we hope will take your holiday spirit to completely new heights. Enjoy the show, share Christmas cheer, and make sure to check out how the holiday season is going in Paradise Island 2 and The Tribez. We’re sure they’re having a blast, but see for yourselves! Also, check out how the whole G! universe is celebrating the holiday ➡️ Game Insight.

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Airport City: Free to Fly

✨What’s in your chest?✨ ⛄➡️ Pilots, the sale in Airport City continues. Now the list of discounted items includes Mystery Super Building chests. These chests contain some of the rarest buildings in the game, which are not available for purchase in the store. You can even get the Astronaut Academy! Important note: contents of chests may differ in the mobile and Facebook versions of the game.

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Airport City: Free to Fly

🎅 Santa's Bad Day 🎅 ⛄➡️ Pilots, a flying object has just performed an emergency landing in Airport City, but it looks nothing like an airplane. Turns out, it’s Santa himself! However, this landing was a rough one: his sleigh is damaged, most of the cargo got lost, and his elves have scattered all around. Quick, start completing quests! Receive candy canes for participating in the adventure in any way—dispatch flights, visit buildings in your city or your friends’, complete quests, and find the elves. You can use candy canes to purchase event buildings and bonuses. Spend all you can; Santa’s reindeer 🦌 will eat them up when the event ends!

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Airport City: Free to Fly

Goldfinch Helicopter Guide

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Airport City: Free to Fly

⛄ Nisse and Tomte—have you heard of them? ☃️ 🛫➡️ Pilots, if you’re planning some holiday flights to Oslo or Stockholm, keep in mind that you won’t spot Santa’s sleigh in the skies. That is because presents in these countries are instead delivered by short bearded people with red caps on their head. In Norway they’re called nisse, and in Sweden, tomte. These fellas are always around, not just for Christmas; they keep an eye on farms, protect family members and cattle, and even help around the house. On Christmas Eve, these guys deliver presents to kids: they simply knock on doors, unlike Santa who is more stealthily with his chimney shenanigans. However, just like Santa, they get treats; people leave out bowls of oatmeal porridge with butter for the nisse/tomte to enjoy.

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Airport City: Free to Fly

🔥The SALE of the year has started! 🔥 ✈➡️ Pilots, we all know that the holiday season wouldn't be complete without sales and discounts. for all your shopping needs. Airport City is no exception. Jump in the game, and make use of the best discounts to get ready for Christmas!

Likes: 857 Shares: 22 Posted:

Airport City: Free to Fly

⛄ Time is Running Out! ⛄ 🛩➡️ Pilots, the Holiday Rush adventure is ending! Very soon flights to Washington, Paris, Delhi, Cape Town, and Shanghai won’t be able to bring you mugs for the holiday collection, which unlock the ultimate event prize—the Ski School. Hurry up, launch the game, and don’t forget that you can exchange items with your friends, which in turn will help you complete the adventure faster. Onward!

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Airport City: Free to Fly

😱 SALE in Airport City! 😱 🛩➡️ Pilots, today you can get more currency from the bank for the same price. A Condor plane has arrived, and its luggage compartment is stacked with Airport Cash, so every pilot can get a bonus at the bank. Don’t miss this rare opportunity!

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Airport City: Free to Fly

🌟 Do you need unique goods for your Airport City? 🌟 🛩➡️ There's an easy fix! All you have to do is build an Alliance Office. There you can purchase golden planes, your second reserve hangar, and municipal buildings, which will help you automatically collect profits for tokens! We hope this tip was useful—if yes, react with a 👍 and tell us what you spent your tokens on. Now’s your chance to make profitable investments in the future of your city, don’t miss it!

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Airport City: Free to Fly

Crossbill Helicopter Guide

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Airport City: Free to Fly

🎄 Christmas adventures have begun! 🎄 ⛄➡️ Pilots, Christmas is not as far away as it seems. In Airport City, festive preparations are in full swing; the citizens are preparing for a beautiful holiday! It’s time to plunge into the miraculous winter atmosphere and join the Holiday Rush event. If you complete it, you’ll get a very nice winter prize: a Ski School! It will give you 55 coins per hour and increase your population cap by 20.

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Airport City: Free to Fly

🏔 Destination: Reykjavik 🏔 🛫➡ Pilots, how long has it been since you visited Reykjavik? What do you know about this city in Iceland? Here are some things we learned from our little chat with Salma. Reykjavik is not only the most northern capital in the world, it’s also the only capital where the majority of a country’s population lives—63%. The name of the city, which means Smokey Cove, refers to the steam that comes from the hot springs in the area. The oldest functioning parliament—formed in the 10th century—is still used today, and the famous Eyjafjallajokull volcano is located less than 100 miles from the city. Oh, and by the way, even though it’s a very northern city, Reykjavik’s climate is rather warm. Thanks to the Gulfstream, the weather during winter is not much different than that of New York. 📲 *helifriday*

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Airport City: Free to Fly

🎇 Happy International Civil Aviation Day! 🎇 🛩➡️ December 7th is an important day for all pilots. It was on this day 73 years ago, that the Convention on International Civil Aviation was signed. This document defined the main principles of international aviation, like flying over sovereign territory. Today, we can all take a moment to appreciate the importance of civil aviation, which transports passengers, goods, and all sorts of important cargo. May the skies above your head be clear, pilots!

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Airport City: Free to Fly

Sparrow Helicopter Guide

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Airport City: Free to Fly

🎊 The largest update of the year is here! 🎊 🚁➡️ Pilots on iOS and Android, hurry and update the game on your mobile devices to version 6.0! 🔹Build a huge heliport that has a Command Center, Helipads, and its own Terminal. 🔹Expand your fleet with Sparrow and Crossbill helicopters. 🔹Take your helicopters on sightseeing tours to Yellowstone National Park, Niagara Falls, and other iconic locations. 🔹Build factories to produce the fuel and spare parts required for heli flights. 🔹Attract tourists by providing new comfy apartments in the heart of your city. It’s time to plunge into the world of new adventures! Want to learn more? Follow the link ➡ The update will soon be available for Windows, Amazon and Galaxy Apps. It is also coming to Facebook in 2018. Please follow our page to be the first to know when it becomes available.

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Airport City: Free to Fly

Helicopters: F.A.Q.

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Airport City: Free to Fly

UPD The servers are back up! Hurry! To the skies! ✈️➡️ Pilots, maintenance has started on our Facebook version servers, and the game will be unavailable for some time. Follow the news — we’ll inform you when the maintenance is over.

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Airport City: Free to Fly

🚧 We have an important announcement! 🚧 ✈️➡️ Pilots, tomorrow (December 4) our servers will undergo technical maintenance, starting at 07:00 UTC. The game will be unavailable for several hours. We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.

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Airport City: Free to Fly

🎉 We celebrate another year of success! ➡️ 🎆 Today marks Game Insight’s 8th birthday, and we have never been happier than we are now. On behalf of every passionate developer of The Tribez, Airport City: Airline Tycoon, Guns of Boom, Mirrors of Albion, Paradise Island 2, Survival Arena and Mystery Manor Community we want express our deepest gratitude to all our players for supporting G! titles. We couldn't have done it without you! 🥂 We will continue pushing the boundaries of technology and creating exceptional gameplay experiences. Let’s celebrate together with these wonderful birthday gifts! 💫🎁 Airport City: Airline Tycoon ➡️ *infinite8* (iOS, Android, Windows) ➡️ (Facebook) Mirrors of Albion ➡️ (iOS, Facebook) ➡️ qeqila (Android, Windows) Mystery Manor Community ➡️ Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure ➡️ The Tribez ➡️ Paradise Island 2 ➡️ Sunshine Bay ➡️

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Airport City: Free to Fly

✨Teepees or an Airport? ✨ ✈️➡️ It may look like snowy peaks or lots of white tents, but that’s actually an airport in Denver.⛺️ It’s 33,000 acres, which makes it the second biggest airport in the world, and the composite coating of the roofs uses heat from the sun to keep warm, even on cold winter days.👍

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Airport City: Free to Fly

✨Pilots, there’s not much time left before the Thanksgiving Day event ends. 🦃➡️ Hurry to the game — you still have a chance to complete all the special quests and get your hands on the awesome Fall Mansion!🍁

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Airport City: Free to Fly

🎊 Embrace the upcoming changes 🎊 🦃➡️ We recently introduced you to Victoria Lee and many of you are probably eager to know more about this charming girl. Well, the time has come to tell her story! Since she was a little girl, Victoria had dreamt 🛩 of the sky and flying. But her parents wanted her to be more down to earth, literally, which is why she became a tour operator. Although Victoria’s career was going well, she didn't give up on her dream. She attended pilot school, learned to fly a copter and rose above the clouds! You've probably guessed Victoria's role in Airport City. She'll act as your guide 🚁 in the copter world. Address her if you have any questions: Victoria will be glad to provide you with any help you need.

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Airport City: Free to Fly

🎇 Black Friday! 🎇 🎁➡️ Pilots, the greatest and most anticipated fall sale is here! 🤑 Of course, Airport City has also stepped in. Hurry to the game and enjoy incredible discounts! 📲 *blackfriday17*

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Airport City: Free to Fly

✨Happy Thanksgiving!✨ 🦃 ➡️ Pilots, today many of us will gather around the 🌽 dinner table with our family and loved ones to remind ourselves how much we cherish each other. The inhabitants of Airport City have already held a grand parade and have some gifts for you. How do you plan 🍁 to celebrate Thanksgiving? Share your holiday plans in the comments! 📲*turkeyday17*

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Airport City: Free to Fly

✨Are you ready to celebrate?✨ 🍁➡️ Pilots, while Airport City was preparing for the festive dinner, our prankster Prof. Klandau decided to play a trick on everyone by dressing up in an unusual manner. 🦃 Looks like he bit off more than he could chew. Instead of being shocked, our flight attendants just had a good laugh. Hit 👍 to help Klandau get out of this awkward situation he’s found himself in. After all, we like his normal face much more and he’s also too old to play with food…

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Airport City: Free to Fly

🍁Thanksgiving is coming! 🍁 🦃 ➡️ Brave pilots, it’s time to get ready for the celebrations! Help Jane prepare the holiday feast, welcome guests and get fireworks. Of course 🎇 there will be gifts! All your effort will be rewarded: complete all the event quests, and you’ll get a marvelous 🏠 Fall Mansion 🍂 which will increase the population cap in your city by 20 and will also bring you 9 passengers each 5 minutes.

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Airport City: Free to Fly

Thanksgiving Day: F.A.Q.

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Airport City: Free to Fly

Pilots, an amazing Thanksgiving event is near at hand! Are you ready for an awesome autumn adventure in Airport City? 🛫➡️

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Airport City: Free to Fly

🚀Quantum Leap Party: Time’s up!🚀 🌙➡️ Pilots, there's not much time left before the Quantum Leap Party comes to a close. Hurry and join your neighbors to complete all the quests in time and gain the main prize! Make a quantum leap right now!

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Airport City: Free to Fly

🚁 COMING SOON: Helicopters! 🚁 🎁➡️ Pilots, a new era comes to Airport City! For the first time, you’ll be able to visit the most remote and beautiful places on the planet such as waterfalls, mountains, and natural reserves by organizing heli-sightseeing tours. Attract tourists to your city with new landmarks while developing the airport infrastructure to support your heliport: build a new terminal, helipads, and factories to produce helicopter fuel and spare parts. Get ready for the greatest adventure in the history of your metropolis! 🎁📲 *quantumparty*

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Airport City: Free to Fly

👩🏻 An enigmatic guest in Airport City 👩🏻 🚀➡️ Pilots, mysterious events keep on happening! Some say there’s a new citizen in the city, but we don't know much about her. Hooty the 🦉 owl, who’s known for being extremely curious, found out that her name’s Victoria Lee and she likes funfairs, traveling circuses, and exciting adventures. What do you think led her to Airport City? Will life around ✨ here change after her arrival?

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Airport City: Free to Fly

🌃 Quantum Skyscraper 🌃 🌔 ➡️ Hey, pilots! How’s your adventure progress? Remember that teamwork is the key to successfully completing it and getting the ultimate prize! 🚀What is the ultimate prize you ask? Well, for completing the adventure, you’ll get coins, experience, and the amazing Quantum Skyscraper that generates a random collection item every 8 hours!

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Airport City: Free to Fly

🌲 Do you want to improve your city’s environment? 🌳 🛫➡ Plant more trees: your citizens will enjoy more fresh air and you’ll also make the metropolis more beautiful. Right now, you can get a free Garden Square for making a purchase at the Bank: this piece of architecture will raise your population cap and increase the number of passengers in nearby buildings. There are five unique squares available in the game — try and collect them all! Hurry up, though: this is a limited offer.

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Airport City: Free to Fly

🌌 Conquer Outer Space! 🌌 🚀➡ ATTENTION ALL EXPERIENCED PILOTS: If you’ve already reached level 31, you now have access to the Quantum Leap Party adventure! It’s time to set new records. You’ll get a chance to launch 77 missions to the Moon – but nobody ever made it to space without a little help! Cooperation is the key to success for our space-faring pilots. Quantum Leap Party is a limited time event, so don’t wait a minute! Join in the adventure today!

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Airport City: Free to Fly

🌆 Time to expand! 🌆 🛫➡ Develop your #AirportCity faster - expand your territory with a 50% discount when purchasing with Airport Cash!

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Airport City: Free to Fly Game Information:

Build your very own personal airport and send hundreds of flights into the sky.

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