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Airport City: Free to Fly

What is the weather like in your city today?

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Airport City: Free to Fly

What cities and countries you’ve already been to, and where else would you like to go?

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Airport City: Free to Fly

Where are you from? On the internet, it’s usually impossible to guess where the person you’re playing/chatting with is from. Where are you from, Pilots? Let’s see how many cities pop up in the comments. Write the name of your city and ️️️️️ leave an emoji!

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Airport City: Free to Fly

Name a few I never hit the road without a camera, a roadmap, medical kit, my amulet…

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Airport City: Free to Fly

Aurora or not? You think that’s an aurora? No, that’s another, less common phenomenon—light pillars! These are caused by the reflection of light from the tiniest flat ice crystals formed in the veil of cirrostratus clouds. Usually the light pillars appear at sunrise or sunset, and they too belong to the family of halos we already told you about. The light pillars can also appear from the light of the moon, bright planets, or even terrestrial sources. Have you ever seen these?

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Airport City: Free to Fly

Look and get inspired! Planes and airports mean not only tremendous passenger traffic, tons of luggage, and the roar of aircraft turbines, but also reading morning papers and sipping coffee waiting for your flight, while light glitters on the fuselages and floating clouds can be seen through the cabin window. All this you can see on our Instagram—just follow the link:

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Airport City: Free to Fly

Rings around the sun Have you ever seen the sun or the moon surrounded by a shining ring? Don’t worry, your eyes are OK; you were just lucky enough to see a halo. This optical phenomenon appears thanks to ice crystals in feathery clouds that float 3–6 miles above the earth. A halo can take different forms, from a semi-circle to a full circle. In the pale light of the moon a halo usually seems white, while a halo around the sun can shine with all the colors of the rainbow.

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Airport City: Free to Fly

Planes and tomatoes Everyone who ever flew to some place knows that the passengers often order tomato juice. It is deemed that under the conditions of pressurization change and high noise levels we best feel the umami, the fifth basic taste which is strong in tomato juice, while the sweet and salty taste perception is weakened. Next time we should probably try with headphones on—maybe the food on board will taste better!

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Airport City: Free to Fly

The mountains or the sea? Some say that our personality defines how we like to relax and spend our free time. Introverts prefer mountains, while extroverts are more interested in beaches and the sea. Do you agree with this view? Or are there sea-loving introverts among us, as well as mountain-climbing extroverts? Maybe, you’re a rare person who likes both the mountains and the sea?

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Airport City: Free to Fly

Keep your account safe! Like any good airport, we worry about safety. However, instead of scanning your luggage we want to provide you with these essential safety tips. Never tell your account passwords to anyone! Our support team will never ask for them. Do not accept deals for in-game currency from third parties. You’ll get scammed.... Do not buy game accounts or in-game items from third parties—this is prohibited by the terms of service. Be EXTREMELY careful when following links from unverified sources; it can lead to loss or personal data and/or funds. These are just common sense tips, but sticking to them will protect your account in most cases. Be alert, stay safe! P.S. You can put your shoes and belts back on, Airport City security is done here.

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Airport City: Free to Fly

Do ghosts exist? There’s no proof that you can communicate with spirits, but you can sometimes see them. Travel to Brocken Peak in Germany, and if the sun is positioned right behind your back, and the fog is thick enough, you will see a huge shadow in the clouds, surrounded by colorful halo-like auras. This effect is known as the Brocken spectre. People aren’t the only ones who can cast shadows onto clouds: trees, animals, and even planes flying between the sun and the clouds and make amazing shadows visible from the ground.

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Airport City: Free to Fly

What do you listen to? Festivals, band tours, and endless flights are cool, but sometimes the rush is too much. Sometimes, you just want to put on your headphones, turn on your favorite music and take a walk. What music makes your life better? Maybe you have an all-time favorite band?

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Airport City: Free to Fly

Road Trip! It’s no secret that popular bands are always on tour. The Rock the Sky event features some of the hottest music destinations for the rock stars of your Airport City: Woodstock, Nyon, Novi Sad, Indio, Rabat, Roskilde, Pula, and Milwaukee. Where are you flying to today?

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Airport City: Free to Fly

Mind-Blowing Reward! Pilots, for completing the Rock the Sky adventure you get an awesome Tour Truck Park, apart from all the coins and experience! This one-of-a-kind building will generate 156 coins every 18 hours, increase your population cap by 20, and boost passenger generation in a five-tile radius.

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Airport City: Free to Fly

Let’s Rock! Pilots, summer is the perfect season for all sorts of open-air concerts and festivals. That’s why Airport City is kicking off the Rock the Sky adventure! The stage is already being set up, and that means your city will soon be full of music lovers from all parts of the world. Are you ready to receive them? Get to the game!

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Airport City: Free to Fly

Facebook Pilots! We made some changes in the latest update: ⃣️ Reworked the contracts in the Fuel Station. Thanks to all the innovations, fuel production is now more profitable! ⃣️ Added more Reputation levels. Each new level will allow you to visit more neighbors and send more gifts! ... ⃣️ Limited the amount of times you can ask for gifts. Only 20 requests every 12 hours. ⃣️ Added the Planetarium to the Mystery Super Building 2 chest. We have also processed your feedback and made the following changes: ⃣️ Fuel generation is now THREE TIMES faster! ⃣️ Guest planes get serviced TWICE as fast! ⃣️ Gifts now include the “Fuel (20 units)” barrel!

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Build your very own personal airport and send hundreds of flights into the sky.

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