Bingo Bash Bingo Bash: Collect Free Chips & Bonus on Mobile

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Bingo Bash Free Credits Bingo Bash often give away free chips or freebies, sadly they were unable to fix the bug that prevent mobile users to collect bonuses. There’s a way on how to collect the free chips or bonuses and add it to your Bingo Bash App. This method is applicable to iOS, Android & Windows phones. Using your device follow these steps:


1. Using Alternative Web Browser

We all know that safari on iOS cannot load flash content, and Google Chrome on android sometimes cannot load web games properly.

Using your device go to App Store or Google PlayStore or Windows Store (will depend based on your device). Search "Puffin Web Browser" and Install the App.

Why use Puffin Web Browser? It's by far the most reliable mobile browser that can load Flash Games properly without any problems. It will provide you a Virtual TrackPad and GamePad, it will function just like your using a laptop. To remove cluttered content and play the game properly use the Full Screen feature, it will almost feel that you are using the Bingo Bash App.

Here's a screenshot using my iphone playing bingo bash in full screen:

Bingo Bash Free Chips Mobile


2. The Bingo Bash Bonus page

To collect free bonuses, open Puffin Web Browser App in your device and login on Facebook. Then go to GameHunters.Club Bingo Bash Bonus Page.

There is no login required to collect bingo bash bonus but there is a lot of features it can offer. When your login, It's not your regular page where you collect free stuff it will help you avoid collecting duplicate bonuses. The page is a network of Bingo Bash players that shares bonus links using the ShareLinks Plugin. The plugin help the players to post links by simply browsing there Facebook Timeline or NewsFeed.

This allows you to collect free chips & bonuses more than your Facebook friends can give you.

To login go to the sign-up page or on mobile, tap "Menus & Option" then select "Login with Facebook".

Here's a screenshot that I'm able to collect Bingo Chips on Mobile using Puffin:

Bingo Bash Free Chips


3. Keep Collecting Free Chips & Bonuses

The Puffin Web Browser will function just like you are using a desktop computer. All bonus links will open Bingo Bash on Facebook and you will be able to collect free gifts. Keep collecting by switching tabs, do not forget to close the opened Facebook tabs to avoid lags and save battery.

With this method you are able to collect Free chips and bonuses, just make sure that you are using the same Facebook Account in your Bingo Bash App.

Here's a screenshot from my phone using the bonus page:

Bingo Bash Free Chips

Things to Avoid while Playing Bingo Bash on Puffin

  • If your mobile data plan is limited, turn off your cellular internet connection and connect to a WiFi with unlimited bandwidth. Puffin will consume a lot of bandwidth because it will download Bingo Bash flash game and other games you play using it.
  • If your device is low on memory you will probably experience some lags. To avoid this, make sure that other apps is not running or restart your device. Openning few tabs will also help.
  • ‚ÄčIf you see a play icon in the flash content tap or wait for it to load completely. Sometimes depending on your internet speed it takes time to load flash content.
  • Make sure that your Flash Support Setting is in "Auto" mode. Simply tap the right top icon to open the option panel.
  • There are many good web browser but puffin is the only one can play flash content without any crushing or hanging. You can try other apps like Atomic Web, Dolphine Browser and Chrome.


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