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I have extra items, from different rooms. (Also the the frequent pop up for the daily gifts) Unfortunately no one to gift them to. Just trying to spread the wealth! Who doesn't enjoy "Minnesota nice"? I use my mobile to play, so over FB is difficult.Send me a FB friend request. Throw in a bingo memo or something. Then I'll have ya in the "Bingo Bash Friends" list in the game. I'll just give them to ya! Maybe do some trading?
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need extra items in bingo bash and bingo blitz 

I sure can use some of ur extra items i'm sure, my user name is mcgirl32.This is very nice of you, thank you, Denise

Sure could use a new bingo bash friend. Need help in dogs gone wild to finish. Been at it a long time. Always have extras to share. Going to send you friend request  on facebook.  Rae Brummett 

  1. hi my name is tina i would like to be friends on bingo bash i need collection  item on grand tour please send me a ten and a queen please.  TINA JOHNSON 
I did a friend request. You said to mention bingo bash but ya can't on befriending lol so hopefully you will see that I play it on my timeline