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Does anybody else click on the cards and get nothing? Because thats what happens on both laptop and my cell. Help.......

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Yes, I do too

I don't get my rewards when I like..comment share and , post ....still get nothing inHelp plz.....
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im not getting any rewards either theres nothing to collect or i get a message saying ive already collected the reward when i havent or that its not available 

Don't know what's up,
Yes happens to me dosebt open or says ive already collected

Same here!

yes everytime & i haven't collected in months


i havent got anything either


I have never received any chips and have completed the offers so many times I must belong to everything now.

It use to work for me, but as of last night I click on the link, it opens facebook, the game and no bonuses were added. Very frustrated when I'm at a critical part now and I need those extra chips :(