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laugh Welcome to the Club! Feel Free to Introduce yourself here yes

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Hello my name is brenda tims. Im looking for friends to add for playing bing bash bingo blitz please join me on facebook .. Brenda tims.
need bingo bash chip

Hi My names Linda , And I love bingo the problem is getting chips

Hello, besoin d'amis à Bingo Bash.Boris Bieler
Hi: My name is Lorell , out of all the Bingo games "bingo bash is the BEST"...

Hi, my name is Jennifer, and I'm a bingo addict! Haha 


Hello my name is mandy!! And bingo bash is my favorite game!! Just can't get enough bingo chips!! Lol

Hi, my name is Jessica. I enjoy playing bingo bash unfortunately my phone isn't supported for the bash update. Anyway, its hard getting chips and when I do buy them I feel cheated because for $5-10 you should get more than a few or several games worth of chips.
Hey, I'm Jessica! Love the game but can't do the update because I have an android apparently doesn't support adobe flash player. Anyone else experience this? Also need coins/chips bad!!
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JessicaManningC try to use Puffin Web Browser it support flash games that will let you play Bingo Bash on Mobile

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