Bingo Bash Bingo Bash Tips: How to Play & Get More Rewards

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Do you Bingo Bash everyday? Check this tips & guides on how to play to get more rewards. If you think that your good enough, then think again, you might missing something that will improve your game.



Wheel of Fortune Wheel Spin Rewards

Bingo Bash Wheel spin The new wheel of fortune wheel spin now has new rewards apart from chips, coins and powerplays. Please find the reward explained below with what they represent


Pull Tabs

Bingo Bash Pull Tabs You can earn 5 or 2 pull tab rewards. Pull Tabs is a luck based game which can be accessed through Mini Games option from Lobby and by clicking on Pull Tabs icon. You can earn 5 or 2 pull tab rewards. Pull Tabs is a luck based game which can be accessed through Mini Games option from Lobby and by clicking on Pull Tabs icon.



Bingo Bash Scratchers Symbol stands for scratchers, and you can earn 1, 2, 3, 5 scratchers randomly. To use your free Scratchers please click on Mini Games from Lobby and then Scratchers icon


Instant Bingo:

Bingo Bash Instant BingoWinning a Instant Bingo reward will get added to your total power plays balance increasing the Instant Bingo count.


Where do I find Mini Games?

Bingo Bash Mini Games Mini games can be played by clicking the icon shown above in the lobby.


What are Wonders?

Bingo Bash 7 Wonders

This is the page where the you can select a wonder of the world and start playing Bingo. Each Wonder gives different payouts(Coins, XP). Each Wonder has various Bingo patterns to call a BINGO making Game more Interesting.

There are 7 wonders:

  1. Sphinx
  2. Palm Island
  3. Grand Canyon
  4. TajMahal
  5. Eiffel Tower
  6. Liberty Statue
  7. Colosseum

How do I Start a Game?

Click on “PLAY” in the Wonders and you’ll be taken to the game screen where you can buy Cards using Bingo Chips.You can buy upto maximum of 4 cards for a game. 

bingo bash how to play

Bingo Bash Featured Room

Featured Room is a special Room. Rooms like:

  1. Rolling Blackouts -Daub all the Numbers to call a Bingo 
  2. Elemental - A special Room with No Powerplays 
  3. Springo - Special Room where you get to play with 4X4 Cards different from the traditional Bingo Cards
  4. Stamp It - Room with Stamp patterns.
  5. Speed Bingo - Play a Faster Bingo as the name Suggests.


How do i increase My chances of winning Bingo or getting more Rewards?

Grab Power-plays to increase the chances of Calling Bingo. You can buy Power-plays from the shop.

There are 6 Power-plays:

  1. Chip cell - Gives a free Chip when daubed 
  2. Money cells - Gives coins when daubed. 
  3. Money Bonanza - Will Double the payout on the coins. 
  4. Gem Cells - Gives gem of one color when Daubed. 
  5. Free Cell - Randomly Fills one or two cells in the Player card. 
  6. Instant Bingo - Gives Immediate Bingo when Daubed on it. 

Bingo Bash Rewards


How are Power-plays Activated?

Bingo Bash Power PlaysThree Daubs are required to activate the Power-play. At the end of the 3rd Daub the Power-play is displayed over the Strength-O-Meter.Clicking on it will activate it. 


What are Gems and How can I use them?

Gems are special rewards given in the game. There are 4 gems: Red, Blue, Green, Orange.  You can merge Gems to Get Collection items, Bingo Chips, power-plays and Coins or you can buy them in the shop or earn by daubing the cells with Gems. You can always Merge the gems in the Lobby of Wonders page. You can see the option at the bottom left called "Gems Pattern". You'll also be shown the Pattern merge once your current Game is over after the Game summary Pop up. 

Bingo Bash GemsBingo Bash Gems

What are Collections?

Collections are the items you need to acquire throughout the Game.Each wonder has a collection of 12 items, out of which 8 can be bought from Store,2 from Free gift and 2 from Gems merge.Completing a Collection Increases your Daily Log-in Bonus by 2 chips.

What are Trophies?

Trophies are rewarded for an achievement completed.You can check them by clicking on "My Profile" then "Trophies".There are 31 trophies to be won.
You get Chips for Winning a Trophy.

Bingo Bash Collections

Where do I Buy Bingo Chips?

You can Purchase More Bingo Chips using Facebook credits by clicking on "Get Chips" tab.

How do I get More Bingo Chips?

You can get more Bingo Chips by:

  1. Calling a Bingo
  2. Levelling up
  3. Requesting from Friends
  4. Merging Gems
  5. Using the GameHunters.Club Bingo Bash Bonus Page

Our Bingo Bash Bonus page is a network of active players. Using the ShareLinks Plugin they were able to share their bonus links easily by simple browsing their Facebook Timeline or News Feed. If we help each other and continue using the plugin, collecting free bingo bash chips would be easier! Start using the ShareLinks Plugin it's easy to use and install.

What is "Daily Log in Bonus" and How do I Increase it?

Log in Bonus are the Chips rewarded for free every 24 hours.Number of chips rewarded depends on the current level of user and the Number of Collections completed. 

What is Team Jackpot?

It is a feature where you can add Friends and form a Team. There are 4 different Challenges that you can take on. Add friends, Complete Challenges to Earn More chips! You can use our Bingo Bash Add Me page to get more friends.

Bingo Bash Jackpot Team

What are "Lucky Calls" and How do I Use it ?

Lucky Calls is the feature where you are allowed to bet “Bingo Chips” or  ”Coins”. There are 3 Bets You can make. 

Bingo Bash Lucky Calls

What are Golden Ball and How are they Used?

Place Golden Ball on card of your choice and if you Bingo it, you win it. Redeem Golden Balls from Gems merge to get Collection items.

Bingo Bash Golden Ball


My Game Freezes or takes forever to load or says "Connecting"?

You can try the following if the above issues are faced: 

  1. If the Game is Freezing, Make sure have the latest Flash Player.You can update it by clicking on the link below.
  2. Please clear your Browser cache and Cookies. This should solve your issue, if the issue still persists you can always Bingo Bash Support Team ( ;) and also we recommend you to use Google Chrome as your Browser for the Best Experience of the Game. 

I Daubed the numbers and called BINGO but gave me a "BAD BINGO"?

Each Room has a Different Bingo Pattern.You can check the pattern by Clicking on the pattern Icon.This will show the Patterns allowed in the Room. 

Bingo Bash Daubed


I Bought BINGO Chips using Facebook Credits But Chips was not Given to me?

Please reload the game if you were not given the chips. Sometimes there might be a Delay. If you still haven’t received the chips contact the support team and leave a message with purchase information you made. They will process and credit the Chips. Contact them here


Why am I seeing someone else Bingo Bash Account when I log in?

If this is the case Please clear your Browser Cookies and load the Game. To know how to delete Cookies, read this article's-Cookies


I did not receive the Bingo Chips for Completing the Offer from "Earn Chips" Tab?

If this is the issue you are facing then Click on "Earn Chips" and Click on Help--> Check Your offer Status.

Bingo Bash Free Chips

Having Frequent Disconnections and Losing Cards?

If this is the issue you are facing then try to do the following:

  1. Please select the Yellow eye button at the top left of the Game screen and is set to low quality. Networking latency is a bit trickier issue as there are many sides involved in it. Try to contact your ISP if the problems persists. 
  2. Also make sure you do have other applications or Facebook Games in other Tabs as they consume your Bandwith and makes the Game slow. 

Bingo Bash Losing Cards


Issue with Bingo Bash Purchase?

WARNING: This is not a official Bingo Bash page DO NOT give your information here always contact the official support team here  Or go to the game and click contact support team.

All payments made on Bingo Bash through GSN are processed electronically; Bingo Bash Support does not have the ability to identify the specific cause of the rejection. If your deposit was rejected then you may want to verify the following:

  • Your name, address, state, province/country, zip code that you entered on the purchase page is the same address where you receive billing statements.
  • If the financial institution has multiple addresses on file for you, be sure to enter the address that your card issuer considers your primary address.
  • This address may be different than the address where you receive your statements.
  • If you are using a new card, make sure that you have activated your card with the financial institution before trying to use the card.
  • You have enough funds available and have not reached your credit/debit card limit.
  • You have not used the payment method to purchase tokens on another account.
  • Your credit/debit card has not been reported as "stolen" or "missing". 

If you continue to have difficulties with purchasing Tokens using the payment method then it is highly recommended that you attempt to purchase Tokens using a different payment method or contact the issuing bank/credit card company directly for further assistance.


I made a Bingo Bash purchase on Facebook but I don't see it. Where is it?

Bingo Bash purchases made on the Bingo Bash Facebook app do not transfer to your account. Bingo Bash does have a Facebook app which players can access within their Facebook account; however, the Bingo Bash Facebook app is NOT synced to your or your Games by GSN on Facebook account. Your account on the Bingo Bash Facebook app will be a completely separate account from your account and Games by GSN on Facebook account.


Cant Use tokens or Oodles to play Bingo Bash?

While Bingo Bash is hosted on, the game itself is managed by a 3rd party. Due to this, the game operates on a different back-end platform than As a result, GSN Tokens and Oodles, as well as GSN Cash Games game credits and real money cannot be used to play Bingo Bash. Players will need to make separate purchases of Bingo Bash currencies within Bingo Bash in order to play this game.


How does the New Lobby works?

These details might be old but worth a try if you are looking for this information.

Where do I find wonder and Featured rooms in the New Lobby? With the new changes it is much easier now to navigate through Wonder rooms and featured room. To find them, please select the options shown in the bottom panel.

Bingo Bash New Lobby

If you are unable to find Wheel spin icon with the new lobby changes. The Wheel Spin pop up appears every 20 hours. They removed the lobby icon for Wheel Spin, you can however find the Wheel spin Option under Mini Games.

Bingo Bash Wheel Spin

Where is the trade Gems option in the lobby? Trade Gems option is no longer available in the Lobby. However, you can still trade gems through “My Profile” then “Gems” or use the option shown during Game end. Please check the screen shot below:

Bingo Bash Gems

How do I participate in Team Jackpot? The lobby icon for team Jackpot is missing. They removed the jackpot icon from the lobby screen. However you can start a Team Jackpot using the Jackpot feature mentioned in the Bottom panel. To start a Jackpot you must click the “Start button”, you can select the type of jackpot that you want to start by clicking on the arrows.

Bingo Bash Jackpot Team

How do I revert back to the old lobby? Can i switch back to the new one if I accidentally clicked on the old lobby? If you want to revert back to the old lobby, please use the back option found under Settings. Currently, they do not have an option to revert back to new lobby if you have accidentally clicked on back option. However, the lobby is not fully launched yet and under beta state. They will launch the Lobby for all our users again without an option to switch back in few weeks now.


enlightened This guide is available within the game, I want it to be found by new players that's why we post it here. Do you have comments or suggestions? Post it below.

- Happy Bingo Day!

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