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Extra Cards

Hello my fellow blitz bandits lol. Just a quick post to let everyone know that I have lots of extra cards in different rooms on bingo blitz and if you need any

  • Posted by Chevygirl77
  • 29,560
  • 562


Hi everyone??does anyone have spare screws in level 2 frankyblitz?? i have many spares! i don't know if its the right topic here but i don't know where

  • Posted by MelinaKouk
  • 16,033
  • 99

Bingo Blitz

When I was born,in 1959 I weighed 1lb&6oz!I was born with collapsed lungs,my mom had me at 5 months,in Buffalo NY, so,that's my childhood memory ,I will

  • Posted by CarlaBongiovann
  • 14,123
  • 54

Zucchini needed

Ingredients! Zucchini please!! I need them asap please hurry and send me some!!!!!!!!!!! I want to play more of Lennys luck and I can't make my final dish

  • Posted by MegannHeilman
  • 15
  • 1

Ingredients and CREDITS needed please!

I need ZUCCHINI  and TOMATOES  for ingredients and CREDITS would be great!!! ASAP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! Add me as a friend or just send them to me on the game

  • Posted by MegannHeilman
  • 7


wassup my bingo blitzes!!! 8)I’m still fairly new to bingo blitz yet, I love it as much as anybody who’s paying for extra credits—LOL. Unfortunately,

  • Posted by MiaBalajadia
  • 360
  • 2

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Welcome Bingo Blitz Gamers! Introduce yourself here

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by DDubzz
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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by ChristineEdang
  • Suggestions
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Suggest a Forum Category

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by JaneenLeeGardne
  • Suggestions
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  • 2


  • Started by: BrookeMeyer
  • Game Discussions
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Game Start Up

  • Started by: user1553020374
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  • 42

Non Existing Bonuses???

  • Started by: AlleneHutcheson
  • Last Post by BrandyeIckes
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  • 1

Non Existing Bonuses???

  • Started by: AlleneHutcheson
  • Game Discussions
  • 80

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What do you grate over your pasta? Parmigiano-Reggiano and Pecorino Romano may taste somewhat similar but the former is made from cow’s milk and the latter is made from sheep’s milk. Both are delicious! Tasty treat: ☛

Likes: 42 Shares: 825 Posted:


Pssst! We have lots of exciting BB updates coming! Here’s how to make sure you never miss any of them... Grab some goodies: ☛

Likes: 67 Shares: 94,240 Posted:


COMING SOON! Our next Seasonal room is on its way! Until then.. enjoy this very special treat:

Likes: 12 Shares: 1,579 Posted:


Let your imaginations run wild because today is #WorldStorytellingDay! Tell us a short story in the comments (you can use Blitzy or Moxie for inspiration if you like) and then vote for your favorites by liking them. The 5 storytellers with the most votes will win a 500-Credit prize. Storytime swag: ☛

Likes: 12 Shares: 1,723 Posted:


‍ Now you can take a shortcut to Flavortown & win Guy Fieri Dish Ingredients! You deserve the absolute BEST, so go after these Funkalicious finds with a Special Quest! Dynamite Goodies ☞

Likes: 13 Shares: 1,552 Posted:


Spring has finally arrived, hurray! What do you enjoy most about this time of year? Seasonal swag: ☛

Likes: 13 Shares: 1,872 Posted:


It's trivia time! Which is the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe? A.Ponte Vecchio, B.Tower Bridge, C. Øresund Bridge Comment below with the correct answer for your chance to win 300 Credits! ... Just for you:☛

Likes: 14 Shares: 1,595 Posted:


You’ve just finished your grocery shopping - do you hurry home to try out a new recipe or stash all your ingredients for later? Tasty treat: ☛

Likes: 15 Shares: 2,019 Posted:


🛳 Blitzy is taking a stroll around Reykjavik’s beautiful harbor where he’s hoping to catch a glimpse of a humpback whale from one of the tour boats. Have you ever seen whales in the wild? Global goodies: ☛ #lovebingo #bingoblitz #bingo #onlinegame #social #bingofan #onlinebingo #facebookgames #mobilegames #travel #vacation #winterbreak #wintervacation #iceland #reykjavik #explorereykjavik #visiticeland #harbour #reykjavikoldharbour #reykjavikharbour

Likes: 14 Shares: 1,975 Posted:


Hurry in & join the FUN! ‍♀ Check out Facebook Messenger to discover Treats, Surprises, Daily Games & MORE! Extra treat from Blitzy ☞ In order to join Bingo Blitz on Facebook Messenger: ... 1. Click "Send Message" button 2. Click "Get Started" 3. Enjoy

Likes: 15 Shares: 1,335 Posted:


‍ Have you confused sugar with salt, forgotten to turn the oven on, or served raw meat to your dinner guests? Tell us about your most awkward cooking moments for a chance to win an ingredients chest full of goodies! Tasty treat: ☛ ***UPDATE: CONGRATULATIONS winners! Our winners are Mary G (ID 538…), Jennifer H (ID 100…), Gabrielle H (ID 267…), Andrea R (ID 213…) and Christine S (ID 195...). Collect your reward your Gift Centers SOON!... #AwkwardMomentsDay

Likes: 14 Shares: 1,484 Posted:


Now is the time to show off what you got! Channel Moxie & daub with all your MIGHT to claim your prize. The top 10 players win Credits + Ingredient Chests! From Mighty Moxie ☞

Likes: 15 Shares: 1,643 Posted:


The deepest anyone has ever traveled underwater is around 10,911 meters to the bottom of the Mariana Trench - that’s nearly 7 miles! Would you like to be a submariner or do you prefer life on dry land? 🗺 Submariner swag: ☛

Likes: 14 Shares: 142,944 Posted:


Are you going green for St. Patrick’s Day? Post a photo of your St. Patrick’s themed food in the comments - the greener the better! We’ll reward 5 creative chefs with a 500-Credit prize! Green goodies: ☛ ***UPDATE: CONGRATULATIONS winners! Our winners are Karen B (ID 629…), Diana M (ID 262…), Catherine K (ID 117…), Madelene Z E H (ID 200…) and Susie S (ID 773...). Collect your reward your Gift Centers SOON!

Likes: 15 Shares: 1,769 Posted:


☘ A very Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all! ☘ Comment to let us know if you’re joining in any of your local celebrations today. Lucky loot: ☛

Likes: 14 Shares: 1,963 Posted:


☁ When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing more comforting than a hearty Italian meal. Buon appetito, Blitzy! Global goodies: ☛ #lovebingo #bingoblitz #bingo #onlinegame #social #bingofan #onlinebingo #facebookgames #mobilegames #travel #vacation #winterbreak #wintervacation #iceland #reykjavik #explorereykjavik #visiticeland #restaurant #italianrestaurant #dining #eatingout

Likes: 15 Shares: 2,084 Posted:


Don’t delay! Today you could win a piece of the 1 MILLION STATUS POINTS Prize Pool! Reach your next level FASTER for bigger & better benefits. Start climbing the ranks with a treat ☞

Likes: 14 Shares: 1,401 Posted:


We heard you and brought it back! Start sharing with friends while Zucchini, Anchovy & Beef are still TRADABLE, today! From your friend, Blitzy ☞

Likes: 15 Shares: 1,912 Posted:


Which room brightened up those dull winter months for you? Pearl’s Rainbow or Lenny’s Luck ? Vote now! Seasonal surprise: ☛

Likes: 15 Shares: 1,383 Posted:


‍ In honor of our new World Tour room, Blitzy is whipping up some delicious Swedish meatballs! Do you have a recipe he can use? Pass it on in the comments for a chance to win a handy ingredients pack bursting with goodies! Tasty treat: ☛ ***UPDATE: CONGRATULATIONS winners! Our winners are Beverly A (ID 187…), Kathy J (ID 304…), Michelle S (ID 124…), Christina E (ID 145…) and Natoshia S (ID 595...). Collect your reward your Gift Centers SOON!

Likes: 14 Shares: 1,408 Posted:


Which emoji best sums up your cooking skills? Does standing in the kitchen make you feel or does the thought of turning on the oven make you ? Comment for a chance to win a handy ingredients pack for your pantries! Fry up some freebies: ☛ ***UPDATE: CONGRATULATIONS winners! Our winners are Birdy LB (ID 252…), Laura Q (ID 986…), Geri D M (ID 569…), A Inger S (ID 762…) and Annamarie R (ID 748...). Collect your reward your Gift Centers SOON!

Likes: 16 Shares: 1,837 Posted:


Why wait? Start celebrating St. Patrick’s Day early! Now you can roll into very lucky rewards at just a daub of a HAT! Complete laps & win Bigger & Better Ingredient Chests + Credit Rewards with each new Mission! But wait, there’s MORE to whet your appetite! Blow on your dice for luck & go after your MISSING Ingredients in the 5th Round! Lucky Loot ☞

Likes: 16 Shares: 2,049 Posted:


Sure, #PiDay is technically all about math, but what a great excuse to eat some pie! Mmmmm! Tell us your top pie recipe in the comments - we’ll choose 5 creative chefs to reward with a tasty 500-Credit prize! Grab some goodies: ☛ ***UPDATE: CONGRATULATIONS winners! Our winners are Claudia D(ID 335…), Christine M (ID 501…), Elaine L (ID 127…), James H (ID 577…) and Robin K (ID 813...). Collect your reward your Gift Centers SOON!

Likes: 15 Shares: 1,465 Posted:

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