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Extra Cards

Hello my fellow blitz bandits lol. Just a quick post to let everyone know that I have lots of extra cards in different rooms on bingo blitz and if you need any

  • Posted by Chevygirl77
  • 46,517
  • 653

Bingo Blitz

When I was born,in 1959 I weighed 1lb&6oz!I was born with collapsed lungs,my mom had me at 5 months,in Buffalo NY, so,that's my childhood memory ,I will

  • Posted by CarlaBongiovann
  • 30,210
  • 78


Hi everyone??does anyone have spare screws in level 2 frankyblitz?? i have many spares! i don't know if its the right topic here but i don't know where

  • Posted by MelinaKouk
  • 19,159
  • 103


ID #278328829 - my name is JalayneI was wondering if anyone could help in Moscow please - i cant seem to collect any free credits on here... PLEASE HELP ME if

  • Posted by jalayne68
  • 37

In the know

Hi...I know that there are tricks to advance quicker because I see it happening with a lot of players.  Would someone please explain it to me?  I have been

  • Posted by Maddie69
  • 639

Please help in Mumbai

Hi all, can anyone please send me 3 in Mumbai, have been stuck for ages :( user id is 212133845. Thank you! My inventory is open for trades so happy to

  • Posted by Kattyr
  • 447

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Welcome Bingo Blitz Gamers! Introduce yourself here

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by Newbie74
  • Game Discussions
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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by karastar35
  • Suggestions
  • 64,468
  • 251

Suggest a Forum Category

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by JudiHyland
  • Suggestions
  • 4,276
  • 3

Add Me

  • Started by: Tiganca
  • Last Post by Chaosmieze
  • Game Discussions
  • 230
  • 1

Add Me Please Thullbama3 (edited Lol)

  • Started by: Thullbama3
  • Last Post by MichelleConrod
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Free Gifts Are Not Loading

  • Started by: Kirby52
  • Last Post by thegamereward
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Breuchte Hilfe Mit Der Stadt Tokyo...

  • Started by: Sturm789
  • Game Discussions
  • 432

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Have you told everyone how awesome Bingo Blitz is yet? Because you will get the chance to be showcased on our official Fan Page if you do, just like the lovely Brittany R! Blitzy bonus: ☛


ELITE! Be the FIRST to solve the puzzle and find out what happens in the story as you set sail for a BRAND NEW collection experience in the Ocean of Love seasonal room! Not Elite? Join now to get 4 collection items. ELITE TREAT: ☛ FOR ALL: ☛ NOTE: This gift has also been emailed and can only be claimed once.


Bar employees may be less busy than usual at the moment, but if yours is open for business we wish you a Happy World Bartender Day! Tell us your favorite customer stories in the comments! Bartender bonus: ☛


Is it mild enough for you to start potting your seedlings yet or do you need to keep your plants indoors for a while longer? Comment to let us know what you’re growing this year! Growers’ goodies: ☛


Would you moooove mountains to reach the last bar of milk chocolate on the shelf or do you prefer your sweet treat with a higher cocoa content? Comment to let us know your favorite type of chocolate - white, milk, or dark! Sweet treat: ☛ PS. Want moooore freebies? Come back in 3 hours and check out our story - you can click on our profile picture to claim your extra gift!


Guess moo’s back, Blitzers? Michelle is finally here, and to kick off our new “Chocolate Market” event, she's got some super sweet scoops about history’s favorite treat! Join her at “Michelle Knows It All” and make sure to subscribe & grab the little goodie in the description! Watch Now:


In the United States, the margarita is king of the cocktails, with a whopping 185,000 drunk every hour! What's your favorite cocktail? Bartender bonus:


Blitzers, the MOO-ment is finally here. The Chocolate Market has officially opened and it’s time for you to pay a visit! Win Bingo’s to get chocolate bars and then visit the market to pick out the sweet prizes YOU actually want! But hurry up, because the Market won’t be open forever. Head inside and check out this Legen-DAIRY new event now! Freebie:


CONGRATULATIONS to Miley, this month's Pet of the Month! Miley lives in sunny Argentina with owner Sofia Dojas and she takes her Bingo Blitz hobby very seriously. “When she plays she concentrates a lot!” says Sofia. Good luck Miley - with that level of dedication we’re pawsitive you won’t miss any bingos! Does your pet love #Bingo? Send us a photo of him or her playing Bingo Blitz to [email protected] with your User ID. If your pet is featured on this page we'll reward you with 150 Credits! From Blitzy to you: ☛


Blitzy’s Family Reunion is almost over, and they’re already packing! Now’s the time to step up the home cooking and use every ingredient you’ve got towards the most divine dishes! Come closing time, whatever’s left in your pantry will turn into BONUS Chef Points for your next yummy pursuit! Time’s a ticking, Blitzers... Hit the kitchen while you still can! Gourmet Gift:


Get ready to spend some quality time with your most loyal friend because it’s #NationalLoveYourPetDay! Show us a pic of your furry (or feathered) bud and let us know how they’ll be spoiled today! Buddy bonus: ☛


Blitzers, get ready for an UDDERLY awesome new event! The Chocolate Market is opening soon, and it’s going to be Legen-DAIRY! Stay tuned for MOO-RE! bonus: ☛


February is a particularly tough time for our feathered friends - show them some love by leaving out fresh water and stocking up your bird feeders. Comment to let us know what you’ve seen in your garden recently! Birdie bonus: ☛


A fire-breathing dragon to keep you warm in the winter? A friendly unicorn to grant you the occasional wish? Or maybe a phoenix with magical healing powers? Tell us what type of fantasy beast you’d most love to have as a pet! Beastly bonus: ☛


Ever wondered why hotels put chocolates on their guests’ pillows? The tradition started when a manager at the Mayfair Hotel in St. Louis saw legendary Hollywood actor Cary Grant leave a trail of chocolates in his room to woo a lady and decided to adopt the idea! Trivia treat: ☛


New Seasonal Room: Slide & Pride. Show off your ski skills and use the Blizzard Ball booster to earn an avalanche of rewards in our snow-sational new seasonal room! FOR ALL ☛ NOTE: This gift has also been emailed and can only be claimed once.


Sometimes re-releasing an old song creates music magic! What’s your favorite modern version of an old track? Tuneful treat: ☛


You’ve probably heard the Maoi statues on Easter Island described as heads, but did you know that below the surface they actually have full bodies? Archaeologists have been excavating the figures since 1982 to study and preserve them. Trivia treat: ☛


Hey Blitzers! We’ve been listening to your feedback and… Michelle has some good news that will hopefully make your favorite Bingo game even more fun to play. Make sure to check our video over at because a special treat is waiting for you in its description


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