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Extra Cards

Hello my fellow blitz bandits lol. Just a quick post to let everyone know that I have lots of extra cards in different rooms on bingo blitz and if you need any

  • Posted by Chevygirl77
  • 47,974
  • 656

Bingo Blitz

When I was born,in 1959 I weighed 1lb&6oz!I was born with collapsed lungs,my mom had me at 5 months,in Buffalo NY, so,that's my childhood memory ,I will

  • Posted by CarlaBongiovann
  • 31,247
  • 78


Hi everyone??does anyone have spare screws in level 2 frankyblitz?? i have many spares! i don't know if its the right topic here but i don't know where

  • Posted by MelinaKouk
  • 19,469
  • 103

Can't Auto Collect anymore, WTF

When trying to "auto collect" gifts, Bingo Blitz is showing a splash screen saying "welcome to the worlds best bingo...."play now"  It will

  • Posted by steelbarracuda
  • 764
  • 1


ID #278328829 - my name is JalayneI was wondering if anyone could help in Moscow please - i cant seem to collect any free credits on here... PLEASE HELP ME if

  • Posted by jalayne68
  • 426

In the know

Hi...I know that there are tricks to advance quicker because I see it happening with a lot of players.  Would someone please explain it to me?  I have been

  • Posted by Maddie69
  • 1,338
  • 2

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Welcome Bingo Blitz Gamers! Introduce yourself here

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by Newbie74
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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by karastar35
  • Suggestions
  • 68,895
  • 251

Suggest a Forum Category

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by JudiHyland
  • Suggestions
  • 4,512
  • 3

Please Need Help

  • Started by: Jmamas99
  • Last Post by Tabdbab
  • Game Discussions
  • 315
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  • Started by: 99411316
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Add Me

  • Started by: Tiganca
  • Last Post by Janjan6688
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Add Me Please Thullbama3 (edited Lol)

  • Started by: Thullbama3
  • Last Post by MichelleConrod
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When She’s Bingo became a huge global hit, we couldn’t contain our excitement! Check out an inside look at BB employees recording our own version of our favorite new song and sing along! Don't forget to take your gift from the description of our video over at


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Spring into summer, Blitzers! Celebrate summer’s arrival with 5 days of gifts to brighten your game ️ Be sure to come in every day so that you don’t miss any!


Uh oh, someone’s fallen off the slide! Luckily his best buds are here to rescue him… but which of them will carry out the turtle-y awesome rescue mission?!You can meet all these adorable characters in our brand new Seasonal room, Splash, which is now open to all. Find out more from Michelle’s latest video and don’t forget to claim your extra freebie! FOR ALL: ☛


#Ad Bingo Blitz on 'Dr. Phil'!? Did you just do a double take? Well, you read it correctly! Some of our beloved BB Players appeared on ‘Dr. Phil’ for an exciting round of LIVE Bingo as part of the show’s virtual audience! Watch as our very own Adrean, Michelle & Bonnie go daub wild in Tanzania!Need a mental getaway and a way to lift your spirits and have fun? Try the number one free-to-play social bingo game, Bingo Blitz, that you can play on your phone, computer or tablet. Learn more about the exciting game here:


Which celebrity would you LOVE to hear singing our next Bingo mega hit? Take the survey and let us know![uid_value] Tuneful treat: ☛


Chef Blitzy wants to know how big a fan you really are! Head over to our Instagram page and click on the story to find out how much you know about his latest culinary adventure! Blitzy bonus: ☛


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