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Extra Cards

Hello my fellow blitz bandits lol. Just a quick post to let everyone know that I have lots of extra cards in different rooms on bingo blitz and if you need any

  • Posted by Chevygirl77
  • 44,723
  • 649

Bingo Blitz

When I was born,in 1959 I weighed 1lb&6oz!I was born with collapsed lungs,my mom had me at 5 months,in Buffalo NY, so,that's my childhood memory ,I will

  • Posted by CarlaBongiovann
  • 29,200
  • 78


Hi everyone??does anyone have spare screws in level 2 frankyblitz?? i have many spares! i don't know if its the right topic here but i don't know where

  • Posted by MelinaKouk
  • 18,854
  • 103

Bingo blitz cardss

Please,all of you that can spare cards,i need all you can send..please helpThank you all of you!

  • Posted by 25945187
  • 559

trade ingredients

Iingredients to trade I need credits no friends to send or receive and I'm new to the site and stuck on London for three days now, love the game but mad at

  • Posted by Nineball1458
  • 1,103
  • 8

I need please items dodging trouble Bronze

Hola amigos, espero que estén bien alguien podría ayudar con los artículos del juego Esquivando problemas en la primera etapa se llama Bronce necesito los

  • Posted by Maraanay
  • 891

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Welcome Bingo Blitz Gamers! Introduce yourself here

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by CosmicPhoenix
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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by karastar35
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Suggest a Forum Category

  • Started by: vardump
  • Last Post by JudiHyland
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  • 3

Free Gifts Are Not Loading

  • Started by: Kirby52
  • Game Discussions
  • 381

Breuchte Hilfe Mit Der Stadt Tokyo...

  • Started by: Sturm789
  • Game Discussions
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Las Vegas Room

  • Started by: Ivypretorius45
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Bingo Blitz

  • Started by: BEAR1958
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  • 857

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Have you got your cozy Blitzy mug yet? It’s the purrr…fect stocking stuffer and it’s ON SALE! Order yours today at the Bingo Blitz Shop ! Blitzy bonus:


‍Put on your overalls and step into your Garden, it’s time to start this reunion off with a bang! Enjoy a special 24 hour GIFT of FREE Drench Dash and add some speed to your seed! That’s right, you’ll now be able to water your Garden every hour, so head inside and give your botanicals a much needed boost! Blitzy freebie:


After every Thanksgiving dinner, Blitzy and his dad split the wishbone to find out who gets to make that year’s lucky wish. Do you have any fun traditions that you keep with your family? Family freebie: ☛


THE MORE YOU BUY THE BIGGER THE DISCOUNT! Buy 1 - 30% OFF, buy 2 - 40% OFF, buy 3 - 50% OFF the entire store. Either way you get FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! Head on to and bring some Bingo love to your home! Blitzy freebie:


A very HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all our wonderful BB players! We hope you enjoy a relaxing holiday weekend with your families. Comment to let us know how you’re celebrating today! Tasty treats: ☛


It’s the season of sale shopping, but how much do you really know about Black Friday? Join Michelle over at to find out loads of fascinating Black Friday facts and answer her trivia question to earn yourself some holiday treats! Trivia treats:


New Seasonal Room: Rocking Blitzy. Does Blitzy have what it takes to be a rock ’n’ roll superstar? Find out as you rock the floor to win LEGENDARY rewards in our slammin’ new seasonal room! Not Elite? Join now to get 3 collection items. FOR ALL ☛ NOTE: This gift has also been emailed and can only be claimed once.


According to the World Health Organization, 35% of women globally have experienced some type of physical or sexual assault. Today, people all around the world unite to protest against gender-based violence - comment to let us know if you’re participating in any online or local events. Global goodies: ☛


With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we wondered if a little tip we found out about would actually help with fluffier mashed potatoes So what are you waiting for? Head on over to to check out our new video and don't forget to subscribe Blitzy freebie:


🥶Not looking forward to the dark winter months? Try increasing your Vitamin D intake - research shows it can lift your mood when sunshine is in short supply. Tell us which of these foods will give you the biggest Vitamin D boost for the chance to win some Credits! Trivia treat: ☛


Pick-A-Diamond is back! Get ready to scratch up a selection of shiny new baskets to help cook your way through Blitzy’s Family Reunion. So polish off your pick-axe, make some time to shine, and head in now to scratch up some sparkly rewards! Blitzy freebie:


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‍‍Are you ready for a new challenge that will put your culinary skills to the test? Well then, we hope that you have in your very own real-life kitchen some salmon, rice paper, teriyaki sauce, a bit of avocado, lettuce, and some mint to give the dish a fresh taste We would like to challenge you with this: create a dish in your home using these ingredients, take a photo of it and post it in the comments below until tomorrow! Five winners will win a helpful ingredients pack for a challenge that will arrive very soon Blitzy freebie:


🖥Blitzy has been watching so much television recently he seems to be turning into one! Do you get most of your entertainment from the television or do you still listen to the radio? Television treat: ☛


Today is #UniversalChildrensDay - what would your ideal future look like for the next generation? Global goodies: ☛


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Did you know that the largest ever bingo game was held in Columbia in 2006 and featured a whopping 70,080 participants? That’s a lot of daubing! Comment to let us know if you’ll be attempting any record-breaking feats on Guinness World Records Day! Record-breaking bonus: ☛


Here’s a fun fact for you - humans, primates, and guinea pigs are the only mammals that can’t produce their own Vitamin C. That means we need to stock up on plenty of vitamin-rich foods - but which of these has the highest Vitamin C content? Comment with the right answer for the chance to win a Credit prize! Trivia treat: ☛


A WILD adventure awaits, with even WILDER Rewards! Climb to the top to stock your pantry with Ingredient Baskets on every Board you complete! So, what are you waiting for? Go for some Snakes & Ladders now with this SWINGIN’ Bonus! Blitzy freebie:


Just in time for the holidays, “Blitzy’s Family Reunion” is here! 🥳 Nine lucky winners of the “Calling all Chefs” competition will have their winning recipes featured in the game, along with their very own avatars. What will be your favorite dish? Be sure to check Michelle's new video over at and don't forget to collect the freebie from the video's description


If ever there was a time to spread a little extra kindness and tolerance to others, it’s now On the International Day of Tolerance, we celebrate all the diverse cultures and beliefs around the globe. Tell us an interesting fact about your heritage or culture, so we can all learn something new today! Tolerance treat: ☛


With the colder season slowly creeping in, it looks like Blitzy might be planning a small hike to a mountain cabin, before everything gets snowed in 🥶 What about you? Are you planning to have a small getaway to the mountains soon, maybe to go skiing or to just get away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Let us know in the comments below! Blitzy freebie:


Are you busy researching cranberry sauce recipes and stocking up on stuffing? Tell us your top Thanksgiving preparation tips! Family freebie: ☛


Do you like your first name? What would you change it to if you could pick your own? Blitzy bonus: ☛


Wondering why Blitzy is looking especially blue? It’s in honor of World Diabetes Day - a condition that affects more than 422 million people worldwide. Wear something blue today to show your support and share your experiences in the comments. Blitzy bonus: ☛


A simple act of kindness can make someone’s whole week! Comment to let us know whether you’ve given or received a thoughtful gesture recently and together let’s make every day #WorldKindnessDay Friendly freebie: ☛


The table’s set for Blitzy’s Family Reunion and you’re invited! Everyone is arriving, and hungry for some quality time & delicious home-cooked food. So make sure that you UPDATE our game, join Blitzy in the kitchen, grab your seat at the table & feast on scrumptious rewards! Blitzy freebie:


‍Art is a great stress reliever! Have you tried drawing, painting, or sculpting recently? Comment to let us know what you’ve been working on. Blitzy bonus: ☛


New Seasonal Room: Holiday Secret. Will an embarrassing secret ruin Thanksgiving or bring Miri’s family closer together? Gobble up those bingos as you enjoy continuous Power-Ups with no cool down in our TASTY new seasonal room! Not Elite? Join now to get 3 collection items. FOR ALL ☛


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Weekly Users: 1,000,000

Daily Users: 500,000

Monthly Users Rank: 187

Daily Users Rank: 88

Fan Page Likes: 0

Fan Page Talking About Count: 61,215

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Game Types: Casino

Company: Buffalo Studios


Release Date: October 2010

Game Status: Active

Buffalo Studios Company Overview

At Playtika, our mission is to create fun and accessible social games. Our goal is to provide social networks with applications that help friends build relationships through interactive entertainment.