BINGO Blitz All the hacks/cheats i have working for this game..

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Only hack i have available is a auto dabber..

When it comes to adding credits, the method i had working got patched a while back..

Contact me on facebook if interested..




















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Discuss All the hacks/cheats i have working for this game..


Any tips would be appreciated. I get enough credits daily to only play one round of 4 cards. It's gotten boring winning bingo but no new cards.

I need help with finding or getting free credits to play... the game would be a lot better if you didn't Have to worry about running out of credits every time you turn around.

Plz add me for anything u got this game gets
Please .... I want a daub car and loans. I spent a lot of dollars on loans. My boyfriend would kill me if he knew how much $ I spent on the game and didn't even win real $.

Please add me for auto dabs. free credits too if possible

I would like auto dabs please. And if you know of a way to get a nice amount of credits for free, please let me know. I've spent too much money already and can't afford to spend anymore, and I don't have enough credits to play right now.

Please add me for autu daub. I play every day and love the blackout rooms! Thanks in advance. 

Please add me for free daub alert.  I play a ridiculous amount of this game every day.  Thank you!!!!!!!

Please add me for the info. about free daub alert. I always end up paying $0.99 for that makes me so mad cuz I don't spend 3 hours on it. Thank you in advance.

Plz add Hof-funster Bch

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