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have XTRA Blitz Elves some quads and Triple but lacking2 of 12 OH LAAWd help me out ,Iam new to tbis forum and as a matter of fack i d ono tknow what a forum is but i doknow that a lil miss sat on a tuffet so they say ,he who walks the rows is the one who shall pass over to eternal love with fate

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I need more credits!! Please

Annette is asking for your help!

Annette is trying to complete her Tokyo collection in BINGO Blitz and needs the Samurai Armor. Click below to send it on over!

Can you send me the droopy mcmittens if you have it?

Thank you for any help with elves.  I keep swimming swimming swimming and I keep getting told I need more and more elves!!!!! HELP!!!!! PLEASE!!! I don't to Fail at  collecting Elves

Send me a fb request and ill see if i could help any :)
In desperate need of some blitz bingo playing facebook friends so we can swap collection items and elves. Send request to felisha atwood :) Thanks ❤
Needs spare elves please
I could also use help in completing my elves, collection!! I'll see what I can do here to help you out, BrandanBurton Kk Thanx P.S. You can add me @ [email protected]

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