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Hey there friends...  I am needing 27, 28 and 31 for School...  I am having trouble getting these so if there is anyone that can help, that would be amazing :)  I'm not sure how to go about doing it if we aren't friends... if there is a way we can be added, etc...  any help would be appreciated!

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41, 45, 47 tnx 

Please need help with stickers 30,31,34,35,36please

Would anyone have spare 50,52,55,56,58 and 59 stickers please

I need stickers 90-93 but right now I need any two star sticker from box 1-3 to be able to spin the wheel
Hello I'm needing stickers 43 44 and 47 have spares

I'm in need of 93. Seems impossible to get! 

when i complete my sticker collection what happens to my extra stickers


Hi everyone looking for 10 12 and 23 add me if you wish

I have 7 and 9, do you have 10, 12 in baby or 30, 35 in school? Or horse extra in animal whisper?

I need 4 5 7&9 I have extra 1 13 16 giddy up 17 19 shapemaster 22 & potty pep talk 23

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