BINGO Blitz Can't Auto Collect anymore, WTF

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When trying to "auto collect" gifts, Bingo Blitz is showing a splash screen saying "welcome to the worlds best bingo...."play now"  It will not go past this screen and will not collect gifts. You must click on the "play now" to go collect the gifts, making this no longer a "auto collect"  This is something new.  Is there a work around for this issue??  thanks

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It doesn't work for me
How do you do it
How did u do it to get all those credits
Maybe because everyone was doing it to get ahead and not telling everyone else just the friends u wanted to know
Hey if anybody reads this I'm telling you I am not crazy I figured out how to win on the bonus games the coveralls I won over one hundred and fifty thousand credits and they figured out that I was doing it and now I can't even get a Bingo I'm down to like 20,000 credits and they won't let me have anything

Lol. I think we're the only nerds on this site anymore

Anybody know the answer to this post?  Anyone out there???

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