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Coins and energy and b

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Pls help me i need coins,energy and bingo coin how to get it

  • Posted by ChristineMalina
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gifting for milestones

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Im on BB daily.I'm wanting to gain some milestones before they go away!!Currently looking for BB friends who are serious and want and need help as I

  • Posted by Wholetthedogout
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Bingo Blitz Game

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True Bingo Excitement! Pack your bag - you're going on a bingo journey! That's right - join Blitzy the Bingo cat on a magical, whirlwind

  • Posted by DongButsoy
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Daily tournament

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Hi everyone! I’m having trouble finishing the tournament gem collection. It seems i need to qualify at least in 250th Place to win it, or try my luck in the

  • Posted by MadalenaCatalo
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Ingredients needed please!

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I’m somewhat new to this game and don’t know how to add anyone as a friend so I’d really appreciate if you guys can add me. I have the same name and photo

  • Posted by DenisYunus
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Zucchini needed

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Ingredients! Zucchini please!! I need them asap please hurry and send me some!!!!!!!!!!! I want to play more of Lennys luck and I can't make my final dish

  • Posted by MegannHeilman
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Ingredients and CREDITS needed please!

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I need ZUCCHINI  and TOMATOES  for ingredients and CREDITS would be great!!! ASAP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! Add me as a friend or just send them to me on the game

  • Posted by MegannHeilman
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Help with Frost Queen please! Add me!

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I am on level 2 of Frost Queen and need #6 to complete! The room ends in 16 hours :( I have spare One and three to trade for 6. I also have spares in other

  • Posted by BrandiLynnBurns
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Please Add Me so I can request gifts

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Please Add Me to.BB friends list.. I'm a newbie and need to be able to request gifts from ppl that actually play daily bc my current FB friends do not.. I

  • Posted by CeliaAnnBrimer
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Need Friends who love to play bingo

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Plz add me on Facebook. I'm not sure if the FB links work because they don't work for me.  So u can just get on ur FB  and find me.My name Is Heather

  • Posted by HeatherNicoleRu
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