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Hallo zusammen.  Ich hoffe dass es hier einige hilfsbereite Menschen gibt die mir mit coins und Credits ein bisschen aushelfen konnen.  Durch meine daylies

  • Posted by SilkeReihle
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PLEASE HELP I NEED more daily Bingo Blitz credits

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Please help I only currently get 31 credits daily... I dont get to play more than one or 2 games a day (if i can find enough fb free credits) I need to earn

  • Posted by SaraStaples
  • 248
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Need credits please

Cheats & Hacks

Please help I need more credits please. I don't have any money to pay for them. I don't want to do servas, I buy something for them and I can't no

  • Posted by user1522141044
  • 265
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Need in Savage Cabbage PLEASE

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I’m having trouble getting the last two bingo cards on savage cabbage level 2 and I just want to already complete it. So Can somebody help me with Looking

  • Posted by KarinaAntunez
  • 112

Help me complete Savage Cabbage

Cheats & Hacks

Can anyone please help me! I need Savage Cabbage Frazzled Doc please! And thank you to all of you for your help to me and others. Thanks for you that have given

  • Posted by user1538272539
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Please Help with Coins and Credits

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I have tried every YouTube link possible for the past 4 days to get more credits for Bingo Blitz.  I have had no luck! I do everything they asked of me but I

  • Posted by GaryTracy
  • 1,047
  • 15

Credit help please

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Please help me find credits for Bingo Blitz. I'm not sure where to go to find them. I play daily and I love it. Its alot of fun. I also want more friends on

  • Posted by TraceyBurns
  • 597
  • 6

bingo credits i need help send me free plsss...

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can any one to help me i need more credits to complete task or quest...plss help me..

  • Posted by EirelavOaidamuj
  • 807
  • 8

Central park / John Lennon memorial needed

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Hey everyone if you can help i would be so thankful. I am need of the John Lennon memorial item in Central Park.  I have multiples of other items that i will

  • Posted by Kj40208
  • 250
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need ham or chicken

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need 2 chickens or 6 finish 2 dishes i can trade for whatever u need except flour only have 2,,,,want to get them done before its done on the 20th wud

  • Posted by SandyMcewen
  • 334
  • 3