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Help please need yogurt

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I need a yogurt please. I've asked a lot but no one will gift it. If you need an ingredients just ask me. Thank you very much. The yogurt is the only thing

  • Posted by Jess856
  • 140
  • 2

Do not click on this players post...

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Hello gamers, this is an on going problem and I would hope everyone helps put a stop to these fake post that are stealing our inventory by falsely posting

  • Posted by TayaFowler
  • 839
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Would like to finish Mumbai 1st level I've trying for weeks!!

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I have been sitting in Mumbai for weeks. I need #3 to finish. I can trade anything for it. Friend me on FB Stephanie McGrane Roberts and we can make the trade.

  • Posted by StephanieMcGran
  • 482
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Add me please

Cheats & Hacks

Bonjour à moi s'il vous plait merci beaucoup à tous coincé besoin d'un article sur Dubaï lingot d'or uniquement merci beaucoup et je peux vous

  • Posted by NatGou
  • 619
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Camping Buds Help!

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Hi there! Need help with CAMPING BUDS ! I have a couple extra cards to trade. Im at silver level n i have cards #1,#2,#3 i will trade for #4,#5,#6. Or whatever

  • Posted by AnnMarieSalvato
  • 461

Im stuck

Cheats & Hacks

Im only missing 1 in coaster  city level 2 # 6 please add me if you have an extra one for me please. Im willing to send you 100 credits or whatever if someone

  • Posted by EmilyNichols
  • 333
  • 4


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Hello!!!!!!! I need the Nashville HATCK SHOW PRINT item!!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!! You can add me, I play every day. I will help them too!!!!!!!!

  • Posted by LucilaWilliengt
  • 388


Cheats & Hacks

Need 9 in Buckingham Palace to finish. I run out of credit 5 times trying to finish. I just need credits. Also need to be giving more than 100-200 credits for

  • Posted by ElizabethDyerBr
  • 350
  • 2

Bingo blitz Bingo

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I t helps player to really get credits when different post are posted a lot of them  take you on a wild goose chase but this site do not they are really helpig

  • Posted by IvoryRobinson
  • 2,156
  • 19

Coins and energy and b

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Pls help me i need coins,energy and bingo coin how to get it

  • Posted by Xtiine
  • 1,497
  • 9