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All the hacks/cheats i have working for this game..

Cheats & Hacks

​Only hack i have available is a auto dabber..When it comes to adding credits, the method i had working got patched a while back..Contact me on facebook if

  • Posted by DeanZaneKaiMart
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Bingo blitz cheats

Cheats & Hacks

I'm throwing this out there.  I need cheats.  I don't ever want to fill out another stupid survey just to get a million calls and emails and no

  • Posted by ShariHyatt
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Notification help

Cheats & Hacks

Hey everyone...i am new to bingo blitz and this club so this may be a silly question....I guess i somehow turned off where the game tells you how many bingos

  • Posted by GinnyCoombs
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Hollywood help

Cheats & Hacks

I’m looking for a spare 4 and 9 in Hollywood to complete. Please help! I need those two to complete and need to credits to complete animal whisper room again

  • Posted by BryceAnnePietro
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Run blitzy items need.

Cheats & Hacks

hey guys! Does anyone have collection items back brace and run blitzy run they could gift me  ive been playing and playing and cant seem to get them. I keep

  • Posted by KatrinaStoneber
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Sticker Trading

Cheats & Hacks

Does anyone have an extra #22 or #29 sticker they would be willing to part with? I have extra stickers and collection items to trade. :)               

  • Posted by CourtneyWhite
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Bingo Blitz Friends / help with stickers

Cheats & Hacks

Hey there friends...  I am needing 27, 28 and 31 for School...  I am having trouble getting these so if there is anyone that can help, that would be amazing

  • Posted by JacquiLynJones
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I really am unsure how to ask but I am trying this way...

Cheats & Hacks

Hey guys!!My name is Veronica. I am in grave need of a great album item. I becon it to come ,yet it evades capture. Will anyone might help me in my hour of

  • Posted by VeronicaEdgellC
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help me, flamingos in miami

Cheats & Hacks

help me,, i need flamingos  (3)  in the miami hall...I've been stuck for months...someone can help me finish the room, please... Thank you in

  • Posted by LorianaPetraro
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Monkey moon help

Cheats & Hacks

I need nightfall in monkey moon to complete bronze collection. Ive been playing and playing amd cannot get it! I ran all my credits out trying. If someone could

  • Posted by KatrinaStoneber
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