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Hello gamers, this is an on going problem and I would hope everyone helps put a stop to these fake post that are stealing our inventory by falsely posting bonuses.  Heather Marie has atleast 10 post everyday saying bonus but the link automatically steals our inventory.. I work hard for my inventory I don't want tio give it away free...   Help get these ppl out off our community pages.. Thank you for your support..

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Discuss Do not click on this players post...


I fell 4 it twice.

Its annoying! They are ruining the site. When I see them, I report the bad link. That way if you choose to Show only "Links with no expired reports" those are filtered out. 

Again I just fell for it. Di#% heads!
Yea i noticed at least 3 people make at least 10 fake post each day. It sucks because I've lost a lot of items because if them.

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