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Hello my fellow blitz bandits lol. Just a quick post to let everyone know that I have lots of extra cards in different rooms on bingo blitz and if you need any to complete your collection just let me know and I will gladly help you. Just add me to your friends list so I can send them thanx everyone and have a very blitzy day. laugh

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I need bingo credts

Can you help me finish mumbai collection? I meed elephanta caves, ran mahal, chikken tikka missala and Kerala elephant also meed help finishing anchorage collection. Need float plane, Alaskan moose, aurora borealis, Oscar amderson house and Kodiak bear

Hahahahaha! I gotta roll laughing! 65 PAGES of REPLIES! I BET! HAHAHHA! well Chevygirl u are a busy woman! & look how many appreciated you that's actually AMAZING! See?!?! Good ya! Lol!

Hi my name's Mary Coffy from Carrollton Ohio & it nice to kinda meet u Chevygirl! I think it was awesome of u to offer to help people like that so u gotta be JUST A SUPER AMAZING PERSON! I'm currently on Paris and Rio only need 11 & 12 in Paris, add me on Facebook so u can msg me on messenger & would luv any help u could share, if you have anything still lol! I'm not holding my breath hahaha!! I see this post is 3 yrs old I sure hope u get this message cuz i'd really luv meet u ...peace out & later for now


Hello i need help im stuck in vienna rome cairo and some rooms with ungiftbales.. i love playing bingo blitz please help me out. Thank you

I dont know how to. add you to my friends list so could you help me and add me to yours..i also would like some extra cards please if possible..thank you so much.. my name is Christy Sullivan

can i get extra card. i will be very happy to receive one.. thanks in advance


Oi pode me mandar

can u get extra cards and if u can then how? also since he scangewith gh u ant run auto. help please.

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