BINGO Blitz Add Me!! Need BB Friends

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Feel free to add me to request and send daubs and coins, I play daily. Fb - Sergio Garza For some reason it won't let me add from the profiles here so just search my name on fb and I will accept.
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Need help for B&B please 

Ill add ya. I play daily and send credits, daubs and slot spins every chance i get.

Add me I too can't add from profiles

I need zucchini!!! Add me please!!

I tried to add you, Jackie, but I can’t find your fb page. I really need BB firends, as the only friends in mine do not play. Feel free to add me. Fb profile is the same as this one. Thanks! 

How do u get zucchini ?
How do u get zucchini? I cant figure it out?
I would love to add you also I haven't got any friends but one right now
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Add me

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