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when i wanna boost my cards to lvl 2 it says "open from athens" i have completed that room so why can't i boost my cards in blackout room ?

grts nancy

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It doesnt matter what rooms you completed, the boost starts at Athens. Follow the trail on the world map and you will find Blackout is a bonus room that comes BEFORE Athens. (NOT AFTER ATHENS) ...and thats why!

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It doesn't work for me either, and I haven't found a fix or a reason why.

If it's not an option to boost the cards in the rooms on the trail before Athens, there shouldn't be a freakin boost button for it that tells us to open it from Athens. IT MAKES NO SENSE! angry

Bravo captain obvious, I'm sure you meant to tell us how to unlock the multiplier for the blackout lounge in Athens, I have been trying to unlock the multiplier also by playing Athens repeatedly and still haven't unlocked it

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please add me as BB freind

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