BINGO Blitz Credits, Coins, & Friends Needed Please!!

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If anyone can help me with credits, coins, anything really, I'd really appreciate it! I've already bought more I could really afford. This game is my only stress relief! I'm happy to help anyone in any way I can, and would love to make some fellow blitz friends. I have several health conditions that hit me suddenly, and keep me almost completely bedridden, so I've got quite a bit of time to occupy. Thanks in advance!
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well young lady i dont know you however ill say a very special prayer for your recovery and enjoy another year with good health. with that said ill try to share its just i dont know how because i just dont lol. but we can try together. MERRY CHRISTMAS and GOD BLESS YOU>

I'm willing to trade if I have anything you need . I'm trying to get empathy in Scrooge 

Hey gorgeous anything I can do to help just let me know 


Happy to have some Blitz friends, I play all the time. Look me up on facebook-  Gary B Nuckinfuts - ^_^        Hope your feelin better! 

I am a bingo blitz players as well need to add each other on Facebook to do trades with each other Angie mae rochon from Ishpeming michigan

I can use more people as well . I don't have many people that play.

Theresa foley pic of myself and husband. Live in Alabama 

Cyrano McCoy...Pic of my mother/sister/daughter.

I'll add ya and gladly help ya bab

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