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I play all Playtika games that give Status Rewards(WSOP, Bingo Blitz, Sloto, Caesars, & Downtown) regularly! I like giving and receiving gifts, but my real friend's don't play much. (Somedays I forget a game by being cought up in another, hate it when I do but I try my best to make my rounds) so I'm looking for some gamer buddies to help one another out! If you like to add me for any of these games please feel free! *PLEASE NOTE* with the request "gamehunters" or simply the game you play so I know why your sending a request! If you don't, most likely im going to assume your just another stranger, or someone I don't want to be on my Facebook! I believe my profile here on GHC will take you to my FB but if not search "dookietheduk" dookie the duck without the "c" in duck on FB. Silly I know, it was my original Xbox gammertag. 

My Level Guess-ta'ments: WSOP 216, Slotomaina 619, Ceasars Slots 122, Bingo Blitz 64, Vegas Downtown 38. 

HMU if you'd like so send gifts and/or trade! *Remember to note the request with the game you play or gamehunters, heck (GHC) works to. Just something so I know your not just some random person!  Good luck with whatever playing, and hope you have a wonderful day! Take care...

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Can you send me please
Hi all. Just started playing about 2 months ago and have spent a small fortune. I keep telling myself I need to take this game off my phone but it is so much fun and addictive. Any extra coins and gems I can get for free will let me keep playing. I'm a 73 year old woman that needs something to keep herself out of the stores and off the streets. Scatter Slots seems to do that very well. I also play Jackpot Party, Toon Blast and Bingo Party. I try to stay away from all the rest or I wouldn't have enough money to play any of them.
I play scatter slots, Bingo Party, Toon Blast, and Jackpot Party. Spend time every day to play all of them. I'm on level 154 on Scatter Slots. 122 on Jackpot Party. Bingo Party is at 46 . Toon Blast is at 1760. I've only been playing for a couple of months for you who think those are low levels.
I need 5 friends to help unlock my top reel please
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Hello, be a friend? Lol I'm new ,sort of, and play Bingo Blitz way too much.
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Hi I need coins

Add me please. 

I play bingo blitz regularly and would like you too add me there. Also I have a jackpot party account if you interested there
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