BINGO Blitz Helping Each Other Get Elfs. Xmas Is About Love, Peace, Sharing! We Can All Be Winners!!!

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Hi, I have an extra nelly mcs & rosie spr & quirky fluf to trade or give away to somebody that need them. 

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How does one start a trade?

become fb friends. pm each other what is needed/traded. send the item to that person. (vice versa)  you gain bb friends which get you more bb credits. share items! not just become a taker/leach on others. 

Hello everyone. I have some Evergreen elves to give away. Two extra Merry Pinesocks, two Izzy Sugarbells, one Topper Upatree and one Julia Pinecone. If any one has extras: I'm in need of Spunky Brewster, Buddy Twinkletoes, Paddy Snickerpops, Droopy McMittens and Elvis Poptart to complete my collection.
How can we share? New to the site but very interested
I need the bottom first and last collection of the spooky birthday silver anybody help

You don't have extra Athens room cards by chance do you?

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I need apple sunny cider the first set of elvescl can anyone help me please

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