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Hi Everyone, We are trying to pick the best bingo player here to be our future Bingo product tester and give us feedback to improve the product.

The contest rule:


  1. You need to be at least 20 Level in Bingo Blitz
  2. You need to record yourself playing Bingo Blitz for 10 mins - only hand and screen needed or just screen recording.


You can DM me or leave comment in this post to let me know if you are interest in join the contest.

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  • BonBon53
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Hello I'm interested in helping you out, if need be. You can get back to me to discuss what it is exactly what needs to be done.


Bonnie Retzlaff

Hi Bonnie


Sorry for the late reply, I just send you a friend request on FB. You can also check your DM box. :)



I am interested
  • Lulu1982
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I'm interested!
Yesss I would love too! I'm like lvl 167 and been playing 6 years on bingo blitz! I actually review seller items and this is alot like that! Ive been in beta programs on Google play too! Hope your having a great weekend! Thx and let me know if you need anything else from me!Julie

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