BINGO Blitz Not Able To Boost My Cards.

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I love the blackout game but it won't let me boost my cards, I'm still playing on the lowest level. It says to boost it through athens. I have beat the athens game but it still won't let me boost my cards. I want to bet more per card, please help.
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Hi, if you are talking about the blackout room that is 4 credits a card, it does not allow boosting, sorry.

I'm having the same issue (the lower levels) My husband is able to in levels below Athens and I'm able to on another account we made, that's at a lower level than I am. I'm going to email support I guess. It seems that it's a common issue. I'm just wondering if I haven't completed something somewhere that I'm not aware of. I'll let you know if I figure something out.
Cool. Thanks

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