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Official Thread for Requesting Tips, Tricks & Cheats for Bingo Blitz.

mail Feel free to Post your requests here. We will try to create or find it for you.

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would be nice if we could have more credits without buying it!


we need more better credits and coins.. i wish u had a free Auto daub. i need more credits so i can play more


Is there any actual real cheats to get more credits and cheats to actually win Bingos? If so please send me those cheats. I hear there are no real cheats for bingo blitz but this forum uses the actual word "cheats" in its heading, and it'd be great if Bingo blitz actually came through for once. 

I couldn't agree more!!! I refuse to purchase credits cause if I only win on average i.e.  1 bingo per 10 rounds, why would I spend real money if I'm not gonna get anything in return?  That's like going shopping on line and spending $100 just to receive my purchase and when I open it I find nothing but a coupon for my next purchase and my $100 was just to join 

I am always running out of coins and credits in bingo blitz. Does anyone know how and where i can get free extras without having to do surveys or purchase anything to get them? I need all the help i can

can someone please send ,me Johan Strauss, Vienna state opera, Danube River, from the Vienna Collection

I am also in need of Cruise Ship &  Oscar Anderson House ffrom the Alaska Collection.  Thank you in advance for your support.


If there is anything I have that someone needs let me know 

Need more free bingo points
I need reef shark for Jamaica collection. Keep getting so many duplicates of everything else.
Good evening ladies and gents trodogg here...Looking for some credits or coins anything you can help me with would be appreciated thank you
so tkx

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