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Im lost at how to share or request collection items. I understand the gift centre but don't know where to look for the room items to share? I know you need to be friends but where do I go from there? Please help!
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Go to bingo spares and shares on Facebook

Once you are Facebook friends, the person will automatically be in your list for BB. You just choose which item you want to send then which friend to send it to. Very easy. But make sure the item gets removed from your inventory... Sometimes I have to send several times before the friend actually gets it. But your inventory will definitely change when the item is sent.
Ok what do you mean empty inventory. I feel like like such a ???
Honolulu collection items king kamehameha
If u go to friends and click on on inventory and if they are missing on the spot where the item goes and if u have one to spare it will let u send it to them then.

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