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Never happened before but tonight I got hit with a $14.99 purchase from bingo blitz and can't get through to support. Had to cancel my card and jump through hoops to get my money back ( in 1 to 10 ) business days
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Damn vultures! @bingobash did the same to me when I purchased ONE of their chip packages for $24 but I ended up being charged twice for the another package cause I guess they thought I needed two of the same package so they just took another $24 out of my account. I want to get my money reimbursed but dealing with their customer support is like pulling teeth lol. They don't like to pay back their loyal players even though it was their screw up! GL to you though, hopefully bingo blitz will honor their mistake and give you YOUR money back! :-D

this has happened to many people including myself and it was much more than money. of course facebook refused to do anything so i hit dispute but then i disputed it with my credit card and they went up against facebook. afterwards I took my credit card info out of facebook so there was no financial info in there and 3 months later my credit card was charged up over $175 on facebook "advertising and bingoblitz" which I was perplexed since there was no financial info in my acct. So I called my credit card company again and actually took a snapshot of the area of where in facebook it would show if I had payment options. and Also I showed my discharge papers because most of the days that were charged i was in the hospital. So then I cancelled card and my credit card company filed a complaint with t he FCC because they seem to feel they facebook must store the info or something or some employee did it but they will catch up with whoever. So now if i want to buy credits or something I do just buy the facebook gift cards off amazon and then turn around and . its terrible if you think about it

OMG that's awful! So sorry that happened to you! Like I said, they are vultures and their game is rigged! Same goes for @bingobash!

yes.  i've had to call my bank a minimum of 3 times now.  I have put where all charges must go thru my pay pal account now.  This seems at this point to be working.  


The game freezing when i was paying for something, then they would CHARGE me 3 or 4 times of the item.

BB/FB have some serious issues.  Right now they OWE me 8 days of ELITE status.  and I am fighting they refuse and I am not going to stop.

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That's crazy cuz it happened to me but thankfully I have my PayPal account n use that instead of my CC n there is only like 99¢ so it said purchased declined n then I got another purchase declined email n it's was for 59.99. hmmmm suspicious AF lol
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Who can tell me how to get a refund. My grandkid has been using my debit card not knowing what she was doing for almost two months. The purchass are well over 800 dollars google wont refund my money.

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