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laugh Welcome to the Club! Feel Free to Introduce yourself here yes

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I’m new here and haven’t quite figured this all out. I need to figure out how to collect these bonuses! I like the game just can’t play with no credits. Please help

Hello all - I'm Jackie. I used to play BB but got frustrated because it kept eating all the credits. But I'm back going to give it another try. I figure if I can add some friends to send and recieve credits that might make it better. So you add me if you'd like, I would appreciate it. And any adivce or tricks or treats (lol) I can use, I'd be more than happy to listen.   Oh and I've noticed people asking for this and that, just so you know I'm helpful If I have an extra, I'm game.   Well there you go... that's my intro. Probably a little more than you needed to know. 

Oh and I ride a harley! LOL now it's more than you needed to know! 

Hi i love playing bingoblitz but cant play every day or play only 2 or 3 rounds a day than iam done. Because I am not getting anough credits so i dont win lots of items. That means i cant finish rooms for months. So sad i wanna cry

Ms.Cindy we can be buddies on here if you'd like. I don't care if you play a little or a lot. I'll still send you credits. Add me if you want to. laugh 

Hello,  I love to play BB but only play the bingo slots or anything else.  Can anyone tell me how to use the WILD daub when it appears, where should I apply it? 

Hi I'm Thomas always in need of credits

Hello,my name is Lori and I ama die-hard blitzer!! Love my Bingo time and like to help out. I do like playing with people who are trying and playing bingo for their collections and not so crazy for helping out when someone is just asking for all the items instead of enjoying playing the game.A little strange, I know, lol. I don't worry about trading, I figure I help out where I can and it will come back to me when I need. Karmic Bingo , lol So I hope I can help out and be a great bingo blitz buddylaugh

And now Im laughing because I just shared my favorite credit site and just relized it's here!! Sorry, I am getting older,lol!! Forgive me


Hi! If your still looking for friends and are no drama, all Bingo Blitz, I can invite you to my closed group.

Yur BB buddy  Lori

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I am Sandy nice of you to have me thank you all
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Hi my name is sherry. I tend to stay true to being an everyday hardcore bingo blitzer. But I have my days more often than not, to where I am so sick I can't even stay awake. Feel free to send me a friend request if youd like to exchange items.

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