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Hi everyone??does anyone have spare screws in level 2 frankyblitz?? i have many spares! i don't know if its the right topic here but i don't know where else to post. anyone who wants can add me so that we can trade. thanks!

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I just gave away 30,000 coins to receive 8 super chargers!! All because I miss understood what I was being offered,so pissed right now!! Be careful with the wheel of offers 

Face book but u get more friends when you search bingo blitz an see groups u can join
How do you add people on friends on bing blitz or do you add them onface book

Add me guys

comment ce faire des amis sur bingo
Thanks to everyone.

Hello, what level are u on?

Lil Brooke, there might be a way but I don't think there is. You can always make a unlimited number of accounts and gift all spares to one. Low level accounts only get charged 2 credits per card for the events so you main doesn't get charged as much. And you can collect and save for awhile. Think everyone would love unlimited but would ruin the game and playtika wouldn't make money. Be a good way to get banned from their server. Good luck with your search!
Someone please help me learn how to get unlimited credits and coins