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Need help in London


Hello I’m chris just started playing blitz Always happy to help send creidit or items if needed need help in London if anyone cani send daily credit power

  • Posted by user1544552867
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Please need help with #9 in Hollywood room.


Please can any1 help me get #9 in the room Hollywood. That's the only one I need, I have multiple others to trade if needed. Pleaseee. Add me if you want

  • Posted by DejaEnglish
  • 47
  • 2

Friends Needed


Hello everyone,Im new in this game.... Please help me....I really need some blitz friends!.... If anyone wants to I would definitely love it! .....Thank you so

  • Posted by ManoelDubois
  • 464
  • 22

ingredients and credits


Hi guys, i’ve been stuck for weeks with no new ingredients and i’m out of credits :( if someone can help me it would be great!!! i need ingredients like

  • Posted by VeronicaZayas
  • 1,244
  • 9

How do I get more rally friends???


How do I get more rally friends? I have almost 200 friends playing on BB with me but only 83 on the rally invite.. any ideas as to the reason?i have been told

  • Posted by 4MyFun
  • 404
  • 8

Unlock via Athens


I have completed the Athens collection but not sure how to unlock other collections to play double bingos.. it says it has to be unlocked in Athens .. I have

  • Posted by JaneenLeeGardne
  • 1,436
  • 7

Pantry items


Can any1 help out with pantry items im in desperate need of beef and shrimp. Please and thank you. I have been trying to make these last 2 dishes forever any

  • Posted by JolieYoyoOliver
  • 1,063
  • 12



I need help in Tokyo and Dublin please! I've been stuck for several weeks. I need Samurai Armor, Geisha, and Kaiju Eiga in Tokyo and almost all of them in

  • Posted by JessicaHarper
  • 442
  • 8

Villegas neef help


Helllo my bingo blitz people  im evelia Villegas im new here but i realy need help i have an android im having trouble to get bonus and to download the plug in

  • Posted by EveliaVillegas
  • 419
  • 1

Julez need help


Can someone please help me to get the free bonuses. i dont understand were it takes me and i dont understand about the link sharing i have been playing for over

  • Posted by JulieDClarke
  • 445