BINGO Blitz Has anyone encountered?

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So I was gifted a 9 in Moscow earlier this evening. Which is great I need it right. Well I went to my gift center to open the gift and put it in my inventory the screen blacked out. I figured well I clicked the accept that it was a glitch it would be in my inventory. It wasn't so i contact support mail to get help because if the gentleman didn't gift it, it wouldn't of been in my gift center right well they claim they dont see the transaction at all and they will not contact the gifter. Has anyone had this happen did you get the card via support. And if anyone has a trick hack for shadow cards I'm all ears I waste so much money to try to get epic wins im literally broke i spend what extra after bills on bb and always get spares. Regardless need 3 and 9 help please

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Oh no dont be spending money on it huni, By the sounds of it they didn't send it you.I've not started Moscow properly yetBut here is my ID incase I've got something that may help 93274054

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