BINGO Blitz HELP in princess moxie please!

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I need unrequited love to complete the bronze collection. I collect my daily reward and get fo play obe 4 card round. I am in desperate nees of completing this collection so i can get credits to actually play some bingo. As an avid bingo player its killing me to not be abme to play like i want to. If anyone could gift me unrequited love you would be wonderful. If we arent friends pleasr add me so we can exchange gifts and such. laugh 

THANK YOU in advance gor anyone who add or gifts. Its all very much appreciated!!

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Discuss HELP in princess moxie please!


Please help

i need to get to the top prise i didnt get one yet 

User 1517155100. Nah. I'm a long way from playing that room. Sorry
We are already friend and I have 2 of the one on the top left but it won't let me send it. Something about needing night permission? If you know what their talking about just text me.

Do you have any cards you can give in the sleepy blitz gold?

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