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Can someone please help me in blitzy run in need of #5,6 silver please I have spares in silver and gold I have been stuck for a week no credits in desperate need of help also need help with Atlantis slots #11 I have played over 2000 credits for nothing so help me please

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Linda did you manage to get it fixed.if not did you remember to copy the link on Facebook when you sign into blitz u nd to copy the link save it and then share and save the game if you nd help [email protected] I will talk u through it
Add me my friends always have doubles
I have completed gold blitzy I'm not sure how many doubles I have left but please know card 6 can't be gifted it's a shadow.if you want my extras just add me
Help me out please i need toddler collection tv land and shape master please been on this for ages thankyou

Besoin de tv land pour terminer ma collection "2" merci de m aider

Please help !!!!

REPEAT :I"d quit playing in 2014 -15 after my heart attack...just wasn't playing all those games ...Well i started back up 2 weeks back and BB put me at the beginning with nothing on my old status in level # 250+ and all my rooms filled up to ROME Ect. all rooms its back to the beginning and no level status other then now on level #46 and in Berlin ....and I can't comment or like anything on their Bingo Blitz App page , and can't receive gifts in any room to help fill,2 friends have tried to send me stuff, but nothing ,they actually lost their gifts , because i didn't receive them at all , it shows they sent on the game page that i checked , but nothing was added to my room as gifts ......I tried and did clear my cache and cleared cookies....still nothing ...i can't get gifts in my rooms ...only gifts i get is credits/power ups/slots from friends and from Bingo Blitz .............can you check your records to find out if they had blocked me on stuff ....ty....Please HELP !!!!

Does anyonecanhelpme to have #3 gnocchi in Roma the only one I needimpossibleto catch it,ty

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