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Hi...I know that there are tricks to advance quicker because I see it happening with a lot of players.  Would someone please explain it to me?  I have been playing BingoBlitz for many years and would love to be " in the know".  Thank you

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I would like to know also!

in case you like to friend me, my ID # for the game is 139478159 got few extras thought-out the game / & slots that you may or may not find useful. just FYI K:) goes for anyone else that might pop on this message-board / post. ( friend me up) & have a lookie lew at my invn. to see if I can be of any help to you & your needs  K:)

same here buddy. I've no idea myself. But I did hear someone say it's all about upping/busting credits for the game like if it costs 48 for 4 cards (lowest setting)  then bump it up to 120 or a little higher after you lose a game or two.  I know it helps to bump it up just to have that one shadow piece you need left to complete.  to pop up or up the chance to win it.  Seen that first hand.  & yes I know it's a lot/hard to risk that amount for just a little better % chance at getting what you want. But for some, it's a risk worth taking to make it a little easier on yourself.  I'm stuck in Moscow waiting on #3 & have been there for a while. Not one to just buy up a ton of credits when low. So make careful choices when bumping up credit total for the matches you play to max out % rate K:) best thoughts I've got on this matter. If you hear something else /better way plz let me know Like you, I'm a little sick of it myself. Playing the same spot over-&-over again making my way very slowly through, losing hair & grinding my teeth the whole time. lol he-he K:)

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