BINGO Blitz ingredients and credits

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Hi guys, i’ve been stuck for weeks with no new ingredients and i’m out of credits :( if someone can help me it would be great!!! i need ingredients like chicken, waffles, cheese, vanilla... anything helps!!!!

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I really need help with dough and shrimp
I really only just need the simple ingredients. Leafy greens, and all the one and 2 star stuff.
I need bacon and shrimp please please. Will someone be kind enough to help me!!!!
Hi veronicaZayas ..i can help u out with bits cant do no meats thow..tell me how to doit n i will sort u wot i can..*

i need 500  credits please can eny one help me thanks bb

I need ham and have flour... add me Maygen Humphrey 

If you add me I can trade. Lots of ham to share and I need more cinnamon and flour
I really need credits and food lots eggs cinnamon shrimp avocado milks ice cream
how do I get credits and ingredients
Hi. Need potatoes and broth, if someone can help me, please

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