BINGO Blitz Lookin for all the help I can get...

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Been almost at a dead stop only being able to collect my daily credits just to get with that being said, I need cards from all maps from Mumbai on. Some extra elves would be nice so I can actually get a spin in before they take em away...plz nd thank you

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Discuss Lookin for all the help I can get...


I cannot seem to add anyone. A message shows up in red and tells me the link is broken.. 

Feel free to add me if you want I gift every day and share doubles if I can
Помогите пожалуйста кто сможет? Мне нужны кредиты на фишки и монеты
I can help with Mumbai on, send me a friend request

i need help in honululu i need North shore ukelele pineapple tiki iolani plz

need  statuette in hollywood add me plz

need steel drums jamica

I sent you a friend request on Facebook. Add me and I'll send you what I can.

add me on facebook

Annette is asking for your help!

Annette is trying to complete her Tokyo collection in BINGO Blitz and needs the Samurai Armor. Click below to send it on over!

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