BINGO Blitz Looking for Bingo Blitz friends!

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Looking for Bingo Blitz friends to send and receive gifts with! I am an active/daily player that recently created a new FB specifically for gaming. Feel free to add me and let's help each other! :) Thanks!

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Please add me for Bingo Blitz. (I use lists for all my games!) 

I need friends for bingo blitz! Please add me and send me credits as well! I will send them back right away! Or comment below and I will add you! 

Please add me for Bingo Blitz

Everyone please feel free to add me!!!!!!! Dice Alisha on Facebook :)

hi all. I'll glad to see u in my friends

I need lots of bingo blitz friend!!! please friend me.  Thank u!

Pls add me

Friend Request Sent via Facebook, ADD ME TOO!

Is there anyone out there in Bingo Blitz land that could possibly spare number six in Grand Canyon it's the only thing I need to complete that room been working on it for a very long time anyone's help would be greatly appreciated thank you in advance
If anyone wants to add me please feel free.

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