BINGO Blitz Need help completing rooms

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Severely severely need help getting 10 in Dublin, 7 in Toronto, 4 in holiday boyfriend and 4 in Venice I need lots of other items so just if you can please add me on Facebook so that we can share and trade or just gift each other if we have extras I'm going broke spending my money on chips trying to complete rooms and earn buddies please help me

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Please i need 1 of 5 jetfly pictures on slot Moonlight.
Londyn 5 7 8Athens 1 2 7
Toronto is 6,9,11 please help me

LoriStelmack an hour ago

Hi, if you'd like you can add me as a friend and I am sure you will be able to make more friends through that. You'll be able to touch base with my friends Lori Stelmack pic of 2 dogs chwing a bone.  Most of my friends and I leave our inventories open so u can see who might need help. You'll also get more chips the more friends you have. And this applies to anyone who wants to add friends, as long as they play bingo blitz. No people looking for sugarmommas, no trolling for dates, no drama. Just friendly helpful bingo buddies playing bingo blitz. As I said my friends leave their inventories open, if they keep them locked up, unless they are an admin, I unfrind them after a couple of reminders. If I trust you enough to let you peek at mine, you should trust me enough to let me see yours, lol! I also like to do flybys when all is quiet if you need help and I can give it.

enlightenedThis is in response to anyone needing more friends/credits

Looking at the profile picture it is the one with (Starr) after it

theres 2 shunta jacobs one in texas one in lousiana which one are you? or friend me tommy edwards pic of me pointing a handgun

Hi,you can add me for share


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