BINGO Blitz Need help in Jamaca and tournament rounds.

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Does anyone have the dolphin for Jamaica? Been plying for over a month now and can't get it. Also, I've been playing the tournaments for over THREE months and cannot get the diamond on the bottom right. Even with elite play. Can some one please help. Thank you.

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Discuss Need help in Jamaca and tournament rounds.


Extra dolphin and dunns river falls

Extra dolphin please


I need a coconut please
I need help please
I need halp in jamaica. I need a hammock and the coconut

i need help in honululu i need North shore ukelele pineapple tiki iolani plz

I sent you a friend request on Facebook. With me or anyone else you have to just except the request or send them one. Then when you get on bingo blitz look at the bottom left corner where it says friends. That's where you can see what everyone needs and send them stuff and they can do the same with you.
Ok. Thank You! I'm not sure how to do it though?

I have extra Dolfin will give it to you.

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