BINGO Blitz Need Help in the Anchorage Room

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Please Please Help! I've been trying to get the Oil Pipeline forever and it never comes up on my shadow cards. I play everyday and have been a fan since 2015. You can find me on Facebook. Tanya Glosson. Thanks and have an awesome day.

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Send friend request to Phyllis Sutton.

I’ve been stuck in Anchorage for a month and have requested help with 9 but no help yet. Can someone please help with 9. I also need 12 but found out it’s not giftable. I’m so frustrated. Thank you. Friend request Phyllis Sutton plz. I am glad to help also.

Which one are you? Looking for friends as well...

I need spare in istanbul room.....

Hello Tanja I have a spare pipeline for u.   ADD me Jolanda Kroelens. If u still need it

Nevermind. Duh, clearly see now Anchorage room. Sorry but don't think u can gift those or I only had the one needed cause no gift box by it in bingo blitz completed rooms. Good luck.
What room is that from?

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