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Monkey moon help


I need nightfall in monkey moon to complete bronze collection. Ive been playing and playing amd cannot get it! I ran all my credits out trying. If someone could

  • Posted by KatrinaStoneber
  • 319

Hang on tight ( Princess Moxie )


hi ,anyone has a spare Moxie #5 :) ? don't mind trading if I got smth you want .... fell free to add me too but before please put here a comment so I know

  • Posted by MonikaKowal
  • 196

Help in Berlin


I need the items Brandenburg gate, item number 4 and Beethoven item number 9 in Berlin. Been playing for months and I am not able to win these two items. Can

  • Posted by JocelynLozano
  • 118

HELP in princess moxie please!


I need unrequited love to complete the bronze collection. I collect my daily reward and get fo play obe 4 card round. I am in desperate nees of completing this

  • Posted by KatrinaStoneber
  • 223
  • 5

Really needing help and new friends


I've been stuck in Nashville and Honolulu. All I need is the ukulele in Honolulu and the Hatch show print in Nashville. Anything else from there on would be

  • Posted by RheaVaughan
  • 301
  • 7



BINGO BLITZ PLAYERS....Hey guys, im in need of friends for this game. If you guys could please add me.

  • Posted by KatrinaStoneber
  • 294
  • 14

Need help in Jamaca and tournament rounds.


Does anyone have the dolphin for Jamaica? Been plying for over a month now and can't get it. Also, I've been playing the tournaments for over THREE

  • Posted by ShannonClark
  • 146
  • 7

Lookin for all the help I can get...


Been almost at a dead stop only being able to collect my daily credits just to get with that being said, I need cards from all maps from Mumbai on.

  • Posted by BryanStockwell
  • 166
  • 7

Athens bingo room


Hi I was wondering if anyone has any extra bingo cards for the Athens bingo room? I just need the Parthenon card an the Souvlaki card an the Archimedes card an

  • Posted by IsraelSmileySae
  • 346
  • 6

Bingo Blitz


When I was born,in 1959 I weighed 1lb&6oz!I was born with collapsed lungs,my mom had me at 5 months,in Buffalo NY, so,that's my childhood memory ,I will

  • Posted by CarlaBongiovann
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