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Need Help in the Anchorage Room


Please Please Help! I've been trying to get the Oil Pipeline forever and it never comes up on my shadow cards. I play everyday and have been a fan since

  • Posted by SweetT
  • 41

Jingle buddies


One the first present can anybody trade me number 6 and 12 if possible? Add me I’m a daily player very active and will help if I can.. send daily credits

  • Posted by user1544552867
  • 494
  • 10

Please need help with #9 in Hollywood room.


Please can any1 help me get #9 in the room Hollywood. That's the only one I need, I have multiple others to trade if needed. Pleaseee. Add me if you want

  • Posted by DejaEnglish
  • 98
  • 2

PLEASE HELP I NEED more daily Bingo Blitz credits


Please help I only currently get 31 credits daily... I dont get to play more than one or 2 games a day (if i can find enough fb free credits) I need to earn

  • Posted by SaraStaples
  • 1,938
  • 22

Friends Needed


Hello everyone,Im new in this game.... Please help me....I really need some blitz friends!.... If anyone wants to I would definitely love it! .....Thank you so

  • Posted by ManoelDubois
  • 517
  • 22

Pantry items


Can any1 help out with pantry items im in desperate need of beef and shrimp. Please and thank you. I have been trying to make these last 2 dishes forever any

  • Posted by JolieYoyoOliver
  • 1,175
  • 12

Run blitzy items need.


hey guys! Does anyone have collection items back brace and run blitzy run they could gift me  ive been playing and playing and cant seem to get them. I keep

  • Posted by KatrinaStoneber
  • 715
  • 2

Help me please


Can someone please help me in blitzy run in need of #5,6 silver please I have spares in silver and gold I have been stuck for a week no credits in desperate

  • Posted by TyannaJohnson
  • 426
  • 7

Help With Sticker's??


Can anyone with extra Stickers  plz help me?? In the First set "Baby Blitzy" i just need #8 an #10 stickers to complete...... An in the Second set

  • Posted by IsraelSmileySae
  • 726
  • 15

What do you think?


Has anyone noticed the similarities               BetweenBlitzy&Gumball???Kinda funny and ironic if you take the time to think about it..just a

  • Posted by VeronicaEdgellC
  • 306
  • 2