BINGO Blitz PLEASE HELP I NEED more daily Bingo Blitz credits

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Please help I only currently get 31 credits daily... I dont get to play more than one or 2 games a day (if i can find enough fb free credits) I need to earn more daily credits!  Is there anyone who has any extra collection items from anywhere after Hong Kong?
For Atlantic City I need ... Carousel, Rail Road, Bootleg Whiskey, Houdini's Handcuffs and Diving Horse
I have nothing at all on London
On Athens I need 6 items.. Lyre,Slouvaki,Archemedis,Pottery,Ouzo,Temple of Olympian Zeus
And any citys after including most of Montreal

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I need more credits
Please I need bb credits Please help I play this game all everyday

Plss need credits

Some credits plzzz.
Add me
Add me

Add me

I need more credits, so I need help.

Need credits bad
Help me credit

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