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IAdd me I’m a daily player

Tips & Tricks

add me on Facebook I’m a daily player crystal Vincent sending gifts and posting prizes won daily I don’t ever miss a day and I could use the friends for

  • Posted by user1519317729
  • 185
  • 5

help me, flamingos in miami

Cheats & Hacks

help me,, i need flamingos  (3)  in the miami hall...I've been stuck for months...someone can help me finish the room, please... Thank you in

  • Posted by LorianaPetraro
  • 189
  • 3

Monkey moon help

Guides, News, Cheats & Hacks, Tips & Tricks, Videos

I need nightfall in monkey moon to complete bronze collection. Ive been playing and playing amd cannot get it! I ran all my credits out trying. If someone could

  • Posted by KatrinaStoneber
  • 289

Hang on tight ( Princess Moxie )

Cheats & Hacks, News, Tips & Tricks

hi ,anyone has a spare Moxie #5 :) ? don't mind trading if I got smth you want .... fell free to add me too but before please put here a comment so I know

  • Posted by MonikaKowal
  • 179

Add me if you play Bingo Blitz and don't mind helping!!


Anyone out there have #6 Moxie Silver, could really use the help. I am willing to help out as well. I don't mind trading as long as I have what you need and

  • Posted by AmyOMar
  • 245
  • 6

Special Rooms

Tips & Tricks

Hey guys I would like help in regular rooms but I’m working on a lot of the special rooms. I have a few spares but looking for friends willing to trade or

  • Posted by JazzAlexBB
  • 16

Help in Tokyo please.

Cheats & Hacks

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE SEND ME #7&9 IN TOKYO. I'VE BEEN STUCK FOR WEEKS. THANK YOUAnd thank you to everybody who has been helping me. Geraldine

  • Posted by ShannonClark
  • 107

Vienna help please!!!

Cheats & Hacks, Tips & Tricks, Guides

Needing card #3&4 in Vienna and card #3,4,&9 in Rome. I try to send cards everyday and don't mind giving my extra cards away. I'm always looking

  • Posted by RheaVaughan
  • 113
  • 1

Needing new friends and help from Rio to Rome

Tips & Tricks, Guides, Cheats & Hacks

The title of my posts says it all!! Lol I've made some great friends on this website and I'd love to make more and be able to trade with more people! I

  • Posted by RheaVaughan
  • 212
  • 6

Help in Berlin

Guides, Tips & Tricks, News

I need the items Brandenburg gate, item number 4 and Beethoven item number 9 in Berlin. Been playing for months and I am not able to win these two items. Can

  • Posted by JocelynLozano
  • 113

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