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bingo credits i need help send me free plsss...

Cheats & Hacks

can any one to help me i need more credits to complete task or quest...plss help me..

  • Posted by EirelavOaidamuj
  • 265
  • 1

Central park / John Lennon memorial needed

Cheats & Hacks

Hey everyone if you can help i would be so thankful. I am need of the John Lennon memorial item in Central Park.  I have multiples of other items that i will

  • Posted by Kj40208
  • 118
  • 1

need ham or chicken

Cheats & Hacks

need 2 chickens or 6 finish 2 dishes i can trade for whatever u need except flour only have 2,,,,want to get them done before its done on the 20th wud

  • Posted by SandyMcewen
  • 270
  • 3

Add me on facebook

Tips & Tricks

Hi  Looking to add friends for swapping food and items. Please feel free to add me on Facebook, Clare Barney and would be happy to trade items and send bingo

  • Posted by ClareBarney
  • 268
  • 14

Trading buddies needed!

Tips & Tricks

Looking for more friends to share items and ingredients with and desperately need more credits, mine are getting eaten up and it's getting much harder to

  • Posted by ClareBarney
  • 241
  • 14

Friends Needed

Cheats & Hacks, Guides, Tips & Tricks, Videos, News

Hello everyone,Im new in this game.... Please help me....I really need some blitz friends!.... If anyone wants to I would definitely love it! .....Thank you so

  • Posted by ManoelDubois
  • 295
  • 18

ingredients and credits

Cheats & Hacks, Tips & Tricks, Guides

Hi guys, i’ve been stuck for weeks with no new ingredients and i’m out of credits :( if someone can help me it would be great!!! i need ingredients like

  • Posted by VeronicaZayas
  • 993
  • 9

Credits and ingredients

Cheats & Hacks

Please  help! ! I am new to this and need credits and many ingredients. Shrimp, beef, chicken, sauces,  waffles, syrup, bread, cheese, etc.   I have only

  • Posted by ChristyLRozier
  • 783
  • 8

I need tips how to do good in tournament

Tips & Tricks

I have been playing this for a few months now and i never really been that good at the tournament i cant seem to get the untradable gemsi am looking for some

  • Posted by ChristianGrimes
  • 367
  • 1


Cheats & Hacks

This is my first post but I have faith in this Blitzmunity (bingo blitz community lol) that someone can help me.  I have ben playing for 10 years and we all

  • Posted by LauniSakala
  • 276
  • 1

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