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Please Add Me so I can request gifts

Cheats & Hacks, Guides, News, Tips & Tricks

Please Add Me to.BB friends list.. I'm a newbie and need to be able to request gifts from ppl that actually play daily bc my current FB friends do not.. I

  • Posted by CeliaAnnBrimer
  • 559
  • 15



Does anyone know when or if BB will make some of the ungiftables in the rooms giftable?It's way too hard to try to get these.  It's like you have 1

  • Posted by MoJoe
  • 374
  • 5

Need Friends who love to play bingo

Cheats & Hacks

Plz add me on Facebook. I'm not sure if the FB links work because they don't work for me.  So u can just get on ur FB  and find me.My name Is Heather

  • Posted by HeatherNicoleRu
  • 345
  • 7

Need Help in the Anchorage Room


Please Please Help! I've been trying to get the Oil Pipeline forever and it never comes up on my shadow cards. I play everyday and have been a fan since

  • Posted by SweetT
  • 184
  • 7

Need more active players on my friends list

Tips & Tricks

Hi all, I wonder if you can help me? Need active players on my friends list. How do I add people that play the game to my list without using Facebook, I play

  • Posted by CatJones
  • 1,024
  • 43

Need more daily players to trade with and send gifts to


Need more daily friends to trade with and send gifts to..I tried adding people on here but when I click their profile link it says it's no longer there so

  • Posted by MerriMayParker
  • 673
  • 23

Will trade whole rooms in lower level rooms.

Tips & Tricks

I need level 2 of holiday boyfriend. All but "4. I have it. I have several lower level rooms I'll trade 3 for 1 . I'll give u 3 items for each 1 u

  • Posted by SonyaRoweBunch
  • 433
  • 5

Jingle buddies

Tips & Tricks, News

One the first present can anybody trade me number 6 and 12 if possible? Add me I’m a daily player very active and will help if I can.. send daily credits

  • Posted by user1544552867
  • 604
  • 10

Need help in London


Hello I’m chris just started playing blitz Always happy to help send creidit or items if needed need help in London if anyone cani send daily credit power

  • Posted by user1544552867
  • 196
  • 1

Please need help with #9 in Hollywood room.

Tips & Tricks, Guides, News

Please can any1 help me get #9 in the room Hollywood. That's the only one I need, I have multiple others to trade if needed. Pleaseee. Add me if you want

  • Posted by DejaEnglish
  • 135
  • 2

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