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Hi bingo buddys. Does anyone know why, when I play Princess Moxie,sometimes theres no dice on the boards? I really hate it when I use my hard earned coins on a game and there's no dice! 

I'm  really fed up with this game. I can't finish the tournament rounds because of one lousy diamond. I've talked to other BBBs and they said they can't either. I've also been stuck on White Wolf slots for over a month now with only 2 cards to go. What's the use.

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anyone have 6 silver on princessmoxie  cant seem to get it


I have spares on all items on slots white wolf... .
Thank you Jason TurnerWil. I'm still having trouble getting dice. Do you know how to write the company to complain?I guess I'll just give up in the tournaments. I rarely score over 500.

I usually play it on my iPhone and I have not had a dice problem. Princess Moxie is great to play if you have a lot of Bingo Credits and play the Epic Treasure Chest Option. 

To get the red diamond the Daily Tournament, you have ensure you have at least 10 Super Chargers and 10 Instant Wins. If you can get a first place win AND X2 it in the same round then your points will be so much more. To get the red diamond you have to get around 1750/F or more. I achieved it twice but do not play it daily. 


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