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Need some assistance please!!!!

Tips & Tricks

Hi everybody. For those that decide to stop and read this, I need a little assistance from I very kind person. I am in dying need of #2 in the Animal whisper

  • Posted by TiffanyCaron
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Run blitzy items need.

Tips & Tricks

hey guys! Does anyone have collection items back brace and run blitzy run they could gift me  ive been playing and playing and cant seem to get them. I keep

  • Posted by KatrinaStoneber
  • 331
  • 2

Trying to finish London Collection!

Tips & Tricks

hi all! I’m trying to finish my London Collection but I keep getting the same shadow card every time! I need double decker bus pint of beer white cliffs

  • Posted by MafeRodrguez
  • 271
  • 10

HELP !!!!!! Blitzy Friends Blitzy Tale cards needed

Tips & Tricks

Hello Blitzy friends help with Blitzy Tale cards 30 , 32 , 33 , 34 & 35 PLZ .I've been trying forever and can't get them .I have 2 Facebook's

  • Posted by JulieWhiting
  • 334
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Bingo Blitz Friends / help with stickers

Tips & Tricks

Hey there friends...  I am needing 27, 28 and 31 for School...  I am having trouble getting these so if there is anyone that can help, that would be amazing

  • Posted by JacquiLynJones
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  • 20

Help I need friends

Tips & Tricks

How do I add random friends not on my facebook? I don't really have that many friends who play on Facebook and want to add daily players please help. Need

  • Posted by EmiliVera
  • 235
  • 13

Lend a helping hand to those stuck in the sand

Tips & Tricks

Hey everyone!I am trying to complete TODDLER TIMEAnyone who can help it would be greatly appreciated. I'm stuck n the sand lend a helping hand, hope you see

  • Posted by VeronicaEdgellC
  • 152
  • 1

IAdd me I’m a daily player

Tips & Tricks

add me on Facebook I’m a daily player crystal Vincent sending gifts and posting prizes won daily I don’t ever miss a day and I could use the friends for

  • Posted by user1519317729
  • 508
  • 27

Monkey moon help

Tips & Tricks

I need nightfall in monkey moon to complete bronze collection. Ive been playing and playing amd cannot get it! I ran all my credits out trying. If someone could

  • Posted by KatrinaStoneber
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Hang on tight ( Princess Moxie )

Tips & Tricks

hi ,anyone has a spare Moxie #5 :) ? don't mind trading if I got smth you want .... fell free to add me too but before please put here a comment so I know

  • Posted by MonikaKowal
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