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I need help in Tokyo and Dublin please! I've been stuck for several weeks. I need Samurai Armor, Geisha, and Kaiju Eiga in Tokyo and almost all of them in Dublin. It's getting frustrating. I have to do bonuses for 4-5 days before I even have enough credits to play a couple of rounds. Then, it seems they are gone within minutes and no bingos. Please help! Thank you!

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This may sound silly, but I don't know how to add people.
add me on fb. I've completed both of your rooms, and in both of them I have almost all collection items available for gifting. so I can help you finish your room collection, if not, I'll atleast get you close to it.

add me if you want for the game i will send you a friend request


Hello i can give u any extra i have of ur choice but im stuck in dublin the strout &soda bread

Haha yah the picture next to my name is what it is. 

Add me, Jaci Kocher,  not a real photo, but it’s two shadows of people in front of a moon sort of thing.  Kinda “psychedelic” looking if that makes sense. I’m from Ohio.  I have kaiju elga, and geisha in Tokyo,  

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