BINGO Blitz Trying to finish London Collection!

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hi all! 

I’m trying to finish my London Collection but I keep getting the same shadow card every time! 

I need 

double decker bus 

pint of beer 

white cliffs of Dover. 

London eye

tea and crumpets 


if you want to trade any of this I have the following stickers: 

crooked bangs 

drink up buttercup

#61 surprise text

let me know if you can help!

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I would love to join thanks much Tammy

I’d love to join

First time on this im looking for baby collection stickers

I have #40!! I don’t need those anymore. Add me on fb and we can see what else you have. I need a bunch of other stuff from other rooms. 

This is my link to my profile

I would love to join your trade group.  I have some extra stickers and bingo room items.

I have the bus and the beer!  I don’t need any of those stickers, but I do need # 40 fly by, # 43 study time, and # 45 prom night...and several more on other sticker collections.  I can’t figure out how to add friends on BiNgO Blitz.  If you add me as a friend on Facebook, will that let me send you the two London items???  If you have the stickers I need I would be happy to trade, but if you don’t , maybe you may have a couple items I need to finish off another bingo room.  If you know how to add me as a friend so that I can send them, let me know.  Thanks, have a wonderful day!

Yeah, I’d love to join! 

Awesome! And yeah I'll join. Send me an invite :)
I have a 22
Do you want to join my Bingo Blitz trading group?

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