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Does anyone know when or if BB will make some of the ungiftables in the rooms giftable?

It's way too hard to try to get these.  It's like you have 1 left to get and BB knows and won't let you get it

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Ill tell you what I did. I had been waiting for 2 months to get my last ungiftable item in Cape Town and I was just furious! I wrote a 3 page nastygram in the comment box calling them every name in the book telling Bingo Blitz just how unfair they are and I got my item the next round! Coincidence? I dont think so. But I agree with everyone here about ungiftables. Tommy E.

me too
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It’s really difficult to get the ungiftable items I saw a player who had 1 86 ungiftable item how fair is that 

It is their systematic way of getting you to spend money or continue to come back every day I have never seen them in the years I've been playing change the ungiftables sorry.

I totally agree. Ive been saying this for a long time. Im glad to know Im not the only one that thinks this.

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