Caesars Slots Trouble Collecting Like I Used To In The Day. What Happened And How Do I Fix It For Auto?

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I have not been collecting for HOF or Vegas downtown or ceasaers for ssuch a long time becuase I do not see how to set it for automatic anymore and there is too many clicks.  I used to be able to sign in , like I do on slotto and world series of poker, scroll down and get all the point blocks lined up, then go to the top and pick 15 seconds and put it on auto and it would collect all my points 1 by one. while I play another gaame or go do dishes or whatever.    but it mmakkes mme haaveto click the pop ups off now or it wont give up the coins. even if i set it on 2 mminutes , which would take all day anyway if that worked, but it doesn't.. 

   so what is thhe secrete to collecting them on auto now is what i am asking.  :0)   thanks. 

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i put it on auto for 15 sec, and X-out the popups ,if you don't xout the popups you get no coins 

Does that work on mobile too or just from PC?

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