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Right now if you play the Outlaw Kitty game you can win bonus games. So your first time through the free spins games are both great and the other 2 are hit or miss. After you finish all 4 though, you can choose which one you want. Here's the trick.

Get through 1 and 2 so that you're about to collect the bonus game(about 250 spins each level then 300+ on the final). Once you're close to finished, move your bet amount up as high as you can afford. Then, choose the 2nd from the left bonus game, I think it's called mega spins or something. You'll get 5 spins on 4 reels and will get total around 30-1 to 50-1 each time you hit it. I had somewhere around 20M chips and got there betting 50K a spin. Then I changed my spin at the last minute to 2.5M and won over 100M each time.

Can't imagine they won't notice so I suggest hitting it sooner than later. 

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Many thanks for this tips, now I have over 15 billion... 

Glad I could help. I got up to over 20B and then unfortunately they closed the game!

You find any new tricks??

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