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Ok so my vault is maxed out and i dont even know the point of it or why i want to spend 4 bucks to unlock it and be able to save more as i dont see a way of taking coins out, so what pupose does it searve and why do i want to unlock it to save more?

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Wow almost 70 views and not one reply or answer on the topic, i gotta say someone out of those 67 has to have had known but reguarless i still have found out what its good for yet or why it exist.

If you unlock it, that just means you get the coins that are in it and it's empty again. Then you'll "earn" coins back into the vault as you spend coins spinning slots.

I also am questioning the purpose of the vault! What I'd like to know is can you unlock it for free somehow? Because I don't have a credit card to pay to unlock it!!
Nothing is free
I'd like to know the same...why doesn't someone answer this question or does anyone know would be nice if someone would at least say that they dont know

It appears to be a place that stores a percentage of your winnings so that if you lose all your coins, you have a back up stash in your vault...that you can't use to bet until you unlock it. At least that is what I understood from reading this description on their site:

The Vault is an amazing new feature that will allow you to save money as you spin !

Every bet you place will contribute to your Caesars Vault. The higher the bet - the more you save !

You can unlock your Vault at any time by purchasing this option.

Every Vault has a "Cap". Once the Vault has maxed out, new coins will NOT be added to it until it is unlocked and a new Vault is created.


Every time a new Vault is created, it will already include coins in it, on the house!


*Free spins do not contribute to the Vault

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