Caesars Casino Too Many Pop-ups

How can I get the pop-ups to go away? When loading the game, I am inundated with 3-4 pop-ups every time to buy coins. If I want to make a purchase, I will click the button to make the purchase. I don't need it forced on me. The pop-ups are annoying as all hell. And when I'm playing, I tend to level up fast, which is no problem, except, again, for the pop-up that appears. It blocks the entire game board so I can't see anything. And I don't want my every move shared to my wall, so I try to untick the 'Share' box, and it doesn't let me and it shares it anyway.... and on top of that, all the achievements and such with the contests and the challenge center... I could care less about those. I like these slots, the odds of winning are really good, the payouts are great, the slots themselves are awesome. But all the pop-ups and erroneous add-ons make it hard to enjoy playing. Is it possible to stop the pop-ups that ask you to buy coins? Is it possible to disable the challenge center? Is it possible to disable the pop-up that happens every time you level up? I just want to spin without all the extra crap.

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